Thursday, 11 November 2021

The NHS in trouble? It sure is...but why?

Watching the news nowadays is akin to dousing yourself with extremely cold water. I have always said that there is no good news, all of it is pretty bad. In fact it is better really not to watch it at all. However, this morning it was the turn of the NHS (again) and the very long waiting times. I must agree why have we arrived at this situation? I cannot remember it ever having been as bad as it is now. Ambulances take hours to attend a casualty or pick up someone who has had a heart attack or Brain haemorrhage. People have died waiting for help. But like everything else what are the causes of this situation? Despite cheerful government talk about millions, nay billions more for the NHS and more doctors and nurses I think they simply are lying. Or at least hiding the truth behind confusing statements. The facts are very simple, the whole system is in meltdown. Is it just money? That cannot be true. The NHS is, as we all know, a bottomless pit but again that I think is not the problem. The problem is a demographic problem. There are just too many of us and too many older people. The facts are there to see. The over 60’s have increased incredibly fast. It will not be long before there are more over 60’s than below 30’s! And the older you are the more health problems are seen. Well, OK so the need for more and more health services must be evident but will or can the government do anything about it? I fear not unless the NHS is radically changed. From my point of view which I have mentioned before is that we can no longer afford to have a free NHS. It is or was, a great idea but the NHS is just now in the process drowning in the demand which was never foreseen.

The other problem we face is the way the general population expects the service to be. The feeling I get is that no-one expects to die at any time, everyone wants to look slim, have dark wavy hair, straight pretty noses, non-drooping eyelids, full red lips. Flat belly and stick out bums. Lovely and that all for free on the NHS because as you know we are mentally affected by our looks. I must have had 20 or more mental breakdowns about a wart that sits nicely on my head under hair. Will it go? No, it won’t. Can’t see a doctor to freeze it off because he/she sits at home staring at a computer screen. Well, there it is. It is us who are the problem. Our expectations, our fears and wishes. Time to re-evaluate, stop and start again.

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