Tuesday, 2 November 2021

The Archbishop has apologised for Pete's sake, Why?

Oh dear, it’s fun being in Britain today! The Archbishop of Canterbury in a bit of trouble right now. Apparently there is ‘outrage’ at the Arch (Justin Welby) when he compared the climate problems with the Holocaust. Well, to be fair I might not always agree with the Arch but was he particularly wrong? Let’s have a look. The Holocaust, and there are a quite a number of people who deny it even happened, was the political idea set in motion to ‘cleanse’ the world from humans deemed to be ‘inferior’. As such the Germans at the time started rounding up the Jewish population and also humans like gypsies and lo and behold, LBGT+ people. If you were the only gay in the village you’d better move away quickly. Well, at least we do things differently now. So, the Holocaust was an extermination programme. Now if we look at the climate problems, we know that almost certainly these are caused by humans. Through indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil we have unleashed the genie from the bottle. These actions are ordered by companies across the world, nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq even in America are are pretty dependent on the revenue of oil. Like the Germans who knew what was going on despite denials, the world's companies are also in denial about their actions increasing CO2 and other gases into the atmosphere. And along with them are the politicians are incredibly afraid of the economy collapsing if they even try to do anything.

As a result all of us are really exterminating the human population along with almost everything else. It doesn’t matter if we argue about how long we can continue, it doesn’t matter to deny it is human made. The road we have taken is like the Yellow Road of the Wizard of Oz. Just like the Germans took that road. Well, it might be that the loony left , the ‘woke’ loony left, does not like it but I think what the Archbishop tried to say is to all sense and purposes, correct. The Church should NOT stand back. The Church should be vitriolic about the way politicians deal with the matter. Follow Glasgow and you will see smiling appearances, Macron nearly kissed Boris, yes a great love-in is going on, the meals are wonderful and the wine is flowing. Biden has had a few whiskies by the way he is looking. So, it is as it has always been, a lot of talk but action? Let’s see but I’m not holding my breath! In the mean time - thank you Archbishop, you should not have been forced to apologise.

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