Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Some thoughts on food and space...

The Strictly Come Dancing furore continues unabated. It certainly does so on social media. Twitter is awash with people who are asking ‘Why is Dan still in the competition?’ May I just ask what competition? Besides all of that if the public vote - well, the one or two who still bother to pick up the phone - has anything to say then Katiya is not liked all that much. So, there we have it, calm down, the BBC is always right .Yes, and my name is Hogmanay Jones.

The problem with all of this, is that our attention is drawn away from much more important issues. I have wondered many times why so many new houses are being built in Wales. South Wales in particular. It is obvious that something has been decided in the Halls of Power of which us, the great unwashed, are not aware of. The big question we have to ask is ‘What and how do we want our country to be’? This is not just for Wales but the whole of the UK. We have some 68million people alive at present, in a country that should have no more than 25million. That is if you want to have good green spaces and clean air plus room to grow the necessary vegetables and other foods. But this is not the world we see. We see problems galore, climate hotting up putting pressure on food production and inclement weather patterns increasingly going wilder. We see a movement of people from southern countries moving north. It is expected to become a human river of gigantic proportions. The question is ‘Are our political friends actually even be aware of these problems’? And if they are, what are they doing about it? It just seems they are as per the usual taking the easy route and put it on the back-burner. Why? Because in this country there is what is known as the ‘Second great western movement’. That is to say people selling up expensive houses in the eastern conurbations like London, Reading, Bristol and moving into much cheaper homes across the Severn. This is making room for immigrants to move into HMOs (Homes with multiple occupation) because the freed homes have been bought by property developers. You may say - Yes, we have the responsibility to save lives. Sounds great but it doesn’t solve the problems. The problems originate through and because of our behaviour. Nature is quite a simple body. Every species has a niche in which they live. There is a balance between its food supply and numbers. Increase the food supply and you will also increase numbers. By doing that you decrease the available land because it is needed for growing food meaning less space for the entity to expand. The increased numbers now will decrease other entities who have less or no more room to exist. Diseases that would normally prey on an entity which is now severely diminished or gone, now transfers to the more numerical entity. This could be humans and that is already happening. Due to the increased numbers of the entity, pressures on food and space increase. As has been seen in non-human entities when in such a model, it is followed by a crash in numbers due to disease and infighting. Do we need to say any more? The answers are still out, no-one is bothering. Companies merrily carry on with their destructive behaviour. Ask Richard Branson why it is necessary to spend billions to shoot a few rich people into space so that they can gawk at the Earth where they have just hammered another nail into its coffin?

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