Monday, 8 November 2021

Sleaze time, what again?!?

You might be forgiven if you would ask ‘What the ‘eck is going on in Britain?’ Politically speaking as well as humanly. Politically the ‘Storm in a teacup’ is still gathering strength with the PM being so fond of shooting himself in his foot time and time again. Just hoping he enjoys the pain! But looking at it objectively you cannot have rules and then allow people to break them. Especially not for MPs and government officials like the Civil Service. It’s OK for me of course until the police come calling. Look friends, it is simple, MPs are elected on the premise that they are honest, non-corruptible and have the well-being of the nation at heart. Not supposed to be looking for or to their own fortunes. I think it should be forbidden to have outside jobs whilst being an MP, if making a speech on invitation no fee should be paid or received. No commercial lobbying at all. Only expenses like a train ticket for instance. Take heed Boris, whilst we are not yet in the full arena of sleaze you should ensure we stay well away.

From the political sleaze to the ‘normal’ sleaze, the story of an electrician abusing corpses in a mortuary takes some understanding. I am aware there are many deviations from the ‘normal’ human sexual proclivities. I am also aware that ‘necrophilia’ is one of them but I would have thought this having a pretty small base since it is not so easy to get access to dead bodies unless perhaps you are working in places where they are. So, this guy was working in a mortuary and therefore had access. But the question is this, did not anyone ever notice or was it the usual hand before eyes? Or are we 100% sure it actually occurred? A lot of questions and to date no answers. In the meantime the usual ’Can I get some money out of this’ seems to be going on. Reports in the newspapers indicate that lawyers have been contacted and it is said that millions of compensation will be due. Boris a question for you - Will you ‘up’ the Nat Insurance? The NHS might need it soon!

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