Friday, 12 November 2021

Sleeze or sleaze? That's the question....

Sleeze? What sleeze, Boris keeps asking. It is funny how you can define sleeze. Or as it is spelled, properly, sleaze. I have seen both but sleeze has connotations with drink, something MPs know all about. However, sleaze it is. So, the government in the hallowed room where the Cabinet meets, are scratching their collective heads and wondering what it all means. There is a chair at the end of the table and if you sit in that one you are out of government in the following month. It is the ‘Leaver Chair’. Just kidding. Geoffrey Cox is in that chair right now. OK so what about sleaze then? Is it normal to have a perk like subsidised housing for MPs which after all was set up so that MPs from hundreds of miles away had somewhere to stay during sittings of Parliament. Rent a small apartment. If you do that it is totally acceptable, that’s the system being used what it was set up for but not if you already had an apartment or house in London and rented that out. Is that sleaze? Hmmmm. There are a few MPs of different parties who use the system for profit so yes it should not be strange that we, the great unwashed, look at these shenanigans with a jaundiced eye. Because it is akin to profiteering. It might be ‘lawful’ but is it morally right? You may want to know why it is a problem? It tends to happen when a party holds the governing power. As at present, the Conservatives, aka the Tories. It is a type of mindset that tells some of the higher ranking politicos and MPs the shackles are off, we can do what we want. It’s ok despite warnings about climate warming to travel with private jets to attend meetings in sunny Caribbean islands which could be done over the phone by Whatsapp or Signal. It’s OK to have a London pad and give it to a family member or a friend and claim the rent on a rented place as allowed by Parliament. No one checks, everyone is too afraid to push the gravy train off the rails. So, I am now saying Boris, your time is up, you had your chance and fluffed it. Welcome the new prince, Rishi step forward!

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