Saturday, 13 November 2021

Putting some things in perspective....

If you really wanted to know what is wrong in the world look no further than the differences between two of the richest men in the world and Owain Wyn Evans, the BBC Weather presenter.

Branson and Bezos firing billion pound rockets into space for no more than allowing some rich gits a glimpse of the world they just helped to destroy a bit faster. Tourism? My foot..the amount of noxious crap put into the atmosphere defies belief and for what? Then there is Owain who is the flamboyant weather presenter for BBC mainly in the north-west I believe but I would like to see him here a bit more, he’s got class. Challenged to do something for Children in Need. Yes, I know it is 2021 but there are STILL children and I know some where I live in one of the poorest areas of Wales where some children due to uncaring parents or sick parents don’t even have a bed to sleep in, where help is needed desperately. Owain took up the challenge and as he likes playing drums, probably a thing when he was younger and wanted to play in a band, he has now completed the challenge and so the best news yet, followed by donations being so far over one and a half million pounds (£1,6million). Brilliant Owain, well done and I think Richard Branson ought to give all his medals and orders to charity. It puts things into some perspective doesn’t it?  

Here we are talking about COP26 and the need for direct action and as suspected the richest nations are a bit so-so about a deal. The main reason as I have said before, is that they do not want their economies radically altered. So, coal will still be mined and burned in countries like China and India. I do believe that we here in the so-called western world will have to dig into our pockets more to help build the infrastructure needed to limit the expected temperature increase to 1.5 degrees. I think we are already to late to achieve that but we must try. This is why I frown on the attempts by Amazon and Virgin firing these rockets because I just cannot see the point of it. The need for direct action, hard though it may be, is very evident. I also think that the present leadership of the world governments are not up to the mark. Boris here is a bit of a talker but what about action? I'm sure it's not easy but good leadership shows through action. It is something I would tell Priti Patel as well. 

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