Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Peppa Pig for Prime Minister? Yeah, why not....

I have decided to stay with this font, it seems nice and easy to read. So, ditching the Arial and going for Trebuchet!

Just listening or watching or even reading the various news reports you would be thinking this country’s leaders have lost the plot. In fact I think you might well be right. First of all the PM Boris seems to like Peppa Pig – for those who are not familiar with that name, it is a children’s cartoon character and will now probably show a full head of wild straggly hair. You could not make it up. But at least there are people who said he worked far too much for a single person in a day. Well, welcome to the 24-7 days Boris, thanks to your compatriots over the years we are all chasing our tails! When I get up I cannot remember what day it is until I look on the calendar. It does seem though that the government we have, talk a good story but it stays at that. 

For years we have known that immigration is a problem. Not that it has anything to do with skin colour but everything to do with support. Meaning if 1,000 come over in a boat or the other, somehow we will have to feed, clothe, look for housing. And when the annual total exceeds 20,000 then anyone can see we are having a problem. Because they just will keep coming. It is easy to see why they are so determined. Compared to European nations we are simply too soft. We do not question anything because if we do, lawyers will beat down our front doors. And so the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, bless her heart, keeps saying and coming up with great ideas but it just stays at that. We even help immigrants to land. Now from a humanitarian point of view I would agree but it does not solve the problem. The only way it is going to be solved is when we literally stop the boats and turn them back. Even tow them back to French waters. Or the French will allow our military to patrol their beaches which I cannot see happening in a million years. Besides all of that we will have to beef up our laws about asylum. If asylum fails, sorry back to Europe. It is sad that despite the French and the EU generally, constantly commenting about our problem, the French in particular ought to regain control of their own borders. The EU is criminally negligent. Get it right Macron and quick before we will have to do it ourselves! Or perhaps Peppa Pig will do it for us.

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