Monday, 15 November 2021

I promise to get things under control...well may be, I don't know.

The title says it all. Many times people like myself are looking at all the promises our government makes, and remember the glossy brochures at election time. Then start thinking what a load of prats they all are. Look, we all know life is not as easy as some would led you to believe. The frank truth is that most of us get by on very little indeed. One of the big things showing today is the Immigration Show. This has had a longer theatre life than the Mouse Trap. The Agatha Christie show running in London probably ever since I was born. But it properly started when Labour (the great Liar Blair, sorry I think his name was Tony, I could be wrong) had inaugurated their ‘Open Door’ policy. Ever since then we have ‘welcomed’ thousands every year and will continue to do so because our political friends are hamstrung by indecision and fear to upset lawyers. Yet I do believe that this issue will ensure the Conservatives will lose the next election. Moreover, it will ensure their legacy will be one of failure and feeble government. All despite their promises to get things under control. An abysmal failure of the kind alike to the sinking of the Titanic. 

It is the same with the drugs epidemic. There is no real will to get it under control. They say a few words about the Border Force, probably with words like ‘We have the best in the world’ and spend a few millions on a glossy brochure campaign. But the reality is things stay just the same or get worse. Priti Patel, an able woman turned politician has found out that the world is still ruled by petty men. Old grey men with loads of money. This will be the downfall of the Conservatives, their apparent greed. Politicians just don’t get it, their avarice is boundless, from renting out homes to Lords just turning up in Parliament pocketing £300 a day and sleeping in their pluche office or quaffing Bollinger champagne. That’s why the Lords are called Champagne Charlies. And that my friends is the sorry state of 2021 politics in the western world. Spearheaded by drunken halfwits and a UK PM who still thinks he has things under control. All I can say to him now is, Boris you have let me down. Go back home and look after the kids.

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