Friday, 19 November 2021

How many gaffes before you're kicked out?

It defies belief to hear how this government of ours is reneging on promises made to the North of this country. During the last election we heard that the North were going to have their HS2 extension to Leeds. And as a result Boris ended up with a stonking majority in Parliament. So what happened? Well, I suppose some bright spark in the government has deducted that passenger usage would be less than anticipated and not worth expending billions on an underused railway. Underused in terms of large commuter travel. Besides all that, the cash spent would not be paid back for hundreds of years in income. That’s how I see it but according to the government it is basically a money issue. Well, how do you want to lose the next election? He seems to be gaffe prone lately and that is because he opened his mouth and said all the wrong things. To be PM you need to have a steel backbone, you cannot have minions make all the decisions and yourself stay at home looking after the dog. You cannot say to the North country “We are going to invest heavily to get you right up there with the South”! Then pull back at the last and definitely wrong time!

Next Boris, as always a good friend, tried to hide one of his mates wrongdoing. To be fair Owen Paterson did not break the law but questions were asked about so-called second jobs by MPs. Especially when you learn one of them trousered hundreds of thousands. You might well ask “Why bother to stand for political office”? I think the answer is pretty clear, wouldn’t you think? Actions like that, work offered because you’re a high level politician is most likely very close to corruption. 

So, I’m afraid from now on it will be downhill and goodbye. It was nice knowing you but you came up short Boris. Have a nice time with the family and stop kicking the dog, it’s not his fault you were shown to be a bit of a waste of time.

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