Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Drugs and punishment...

There is something that not many people know about drugs. Not that the users care where the stuff comes from but it is something that I also had never considered. For instance, cocaine is mostly from South America. Colombia in particular is in the news. But I too had never considered how it is grown. Yes, you got it, it is grown in cleared Amazonian forest. They cut down whole areas of pristine forest to plant the coca bushes. So in other words, if you use coke, loads of prattling middle class jokers do in this country, they are no more than imbecilic climate destroyers. Climate protesters in the UK, the middle-class type, also tend to be cocaine takers. I just wonder how they correlate that with climate warming.

It is funny how some just don’t consider their actions with other actions which are opposed to the first action. Apparently Britain is a big user of the stuff and anyone who does is unfit to take up any position of responsibility or as far as I am concerned any position at all. We are too easy going by far and although I am not advocating to become a police state or let the far-right take over we do need to evaluate the cost to the nation, the cost to families and of course the personal cost to the individual. After all, it has health implications. The next thing is to deal with the pushers, the dealers. Jail does not seem to help much in this so a new way should be found. You might think I am demented but I’ll be frank, dealers need a sharp lesson as to why they are guilty of making this nation a sleepwalking state. 

So, I would like to see a very public punishment. Something of the order of a chain gang. Repairing all the potholes would be good. As this would mean they would not be able to work at a proper job for the time being they would have to live in a tent set up for the purpose. With an ankle bracelet that can give electric shocks. This to be used as and when said individual tries to escape or does not turn up for the work. Make monitoring 100% effective! Well, it might be a bit much for the woke leftie-liberals as most of them of course, are dependent on aforementioned dealers. But hey there you go, this is 2021!

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