Monday, 29 November 2021

Channel 4 a woke channel? Eh, hmmm....

Hahaha, just wondering what TV execs were thinking when developing programmes like SAS - Who Dares wins. Channel 4 executives obviously without thinking, went for a real SAS guy called Ant. Well, obvious innit? SAS is the SAS, it ain’t for the sissies. These chaps do not mince words, swear a bit and like the look of ladies in their underwear. I have to say I do remember my own time in the army. Not SAS but a lowly infantry boy mostly getting the sand out of my eyes and ears, swearing as I did so. Yes, that is the way it was and probably still is despite the top brass trying to make women into men and turning men into women. Woke? Nooh, really?

Today’s kids haven’t much of a clue what life is all about. They wake up thinking about how to topple the next statue of a misogynist or war hero like Admiral Nelson because he allegedly tried to kiss a subordinate or two? Who cares? The once Bristol politician who was involved with slavery paid the price, his statue is down the harbour. I hope someone pulled it and displayed it proudly somewhere else

Get a life people, these things happened a long time ago, a time in which many unpalatable things occurred. So, to put things into perspective, Ant Middleton did a great job. You might shiver a bit but to get the best out of people you have to bellow, you have to pressurise, you have to be obnoxious. To get an American into Ant’s place is idiotic. The only thing American soldiers do is coming out all gun’s blazing whilst dancing the rumba and eating a banana. If you want to do SAS get a SAS guy and forget all about American stuff. If you want to show how to become a hard nutter, do NOT get woke celebrities to train up. End of rant for ANT.

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