Saturday, 27 November 2021

Black holes and the end of it all...

At certain times we are looking at the TV screen and watch one of the brightest stars in our universe, aka Prof Brian Cox. Presently showing his newest programme ‘Universe’. A very glitzy, raucous, thundery compilation of poetry spoken by the Prof whilst trying to explain the intricacies of a black hole. No, nothing to do with our bodily function, we are in the depths of our galaxy, in fact at the centre and looking at what he calls Sagittarius A*. A black hole of gigantic proportions. The one thing I would ask, why in all blazes is there music trying to drown his words? His poetry must be heard. Well ok, it isn’t brilliant but we all can do with a laugh in these difficult Covid times. Prof Brian was talking about the black hole and the discovery by Stephen Hawking that black is not black. In fact black holes radiate matter or energy, and will evaporate. 

One would have thought it be the end and bye-bye. No, Prof Brian showed in devastating colour the last explosion of the dying hole. As my own was twitching by now, I wanted to know why he kept mixing up the terms black hole and universe. To be fair a black hole, as far as I know, is a part of the galaxy which in itself is part of a cluster and on and on right to the universe itself. But it set me on an idea that I found rather interesting. 

Yes, black holes attract whatever they can. Matter that comes too close and supposedly this would mean that a whole galaxy could become a black hole. This black hole over trillions of years would meet others and in the end there would be just one black hole slowly radiating away. But as Prof Brian said that’s not the end. Remember that black hole in the centre of the galaxy in dying ended in a burst of energy? It would be the same for our universal black hole. Yes! Let’s call that another Big Bang. It seems that the hypothesis of the ‘Oscillating Universe’ could well be true! Right, now we know. Recall all scientists and get them to repair all the black holes in our roads. These unfortunately will not evaporate away, although our Councils do think they will. The problem is universal, all black holes will coalesce and we now know thanks to the Prof that they will explode in the end. Yep, it is a universal law. Hopefully humanity will not be in the vicinity when that happens. But don't hold your breath!

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