Monday, 29 November 2021

Channel 4 a woke channel? Eh, hmmm....

Hahaha, just wondering what TV execs were thinking when developing programmes like SAS - Who Dares wins. Channel 4 executives obviously without thinking, went for a real SAS guy called Ant. Well, obvious innit? SAS is the SAS, it ain’t for the sissies. These chaps do not mince words, swear a bit and like the look of ladies in their underwear. I have to say I do remember my own time in the army. Not SAS but a lowly infantry boy mostly getting the sand out of my eyes and ears, swearing as I did so. Yes, that is the way it was and probably still is despite the top brass trying to make women into men and turning men into women. Woke? Nooh, really?

Today’s kids haven’t much of a clue what life is all about. They wake up thinking about how to topple the next statue of a misogynist or war hero like Admiral Nelson because he allegedly tried to kiss a subordinate or two? Who cares? The once Bristol politician who was involved with slavery paid the price, his statue is down the harbour. I hope someone pulled it and displayed it proudly somewhere else

Get a life people, these things happened a long time ago, a time in which many unpalatable things occurred. So, to put things into perspective, Ant Middleton did a great job. You might shiver a bit but to get the best out of people you have to bellow, you have to pressurise, you have to be obnoxious. To get an American into Ant’s place is idiotic. The only thing American soldiers do is coming out all gun’s blazing whilst dancing the rumba and eating a banana. If you want to do SAS get a SAS guy and forget all about American stuff. If you want to show how to become a hard nutter, do NOT get woke celebrities to train up. End of rant for ANT.

Sunday, 28 November 2021

A more natural way....

From time to time I tend to stop worrying about all the politics, the French, Covid Omicron and watch a nature programme on the TV. Most are just about how to tend your roses and keep the place looking tidy. Whatever you think ‘tidy’ to mean. I suppose cutting the grass to an evergreen sward exactly 3 centimetres high and don’t forget the sharp edging looking like a freshly cut moustache. Plus of course all the bushes sprayed with enough poison to kill the neighbours’ cats. Besides we don’t want all these insects do we? 

YES, we do! The programme I watched this morning reiterated what I have been thinking for a long time. The guy, Colin Stafford-Johnson, an ex-camera man making films all across the world is now back in his native Ireland on a small plot his mother gave him. Now semi-retired he has decided to transform his patch into a natural state. Wildflower meadows, two ponds, all native species. No foreign imports because as he said so succinctly, imported flowers, seeds, trees and so on, have also brought new diseases that killed off many native species. 

Remember Dutch Elm disease? He has introduced only native seeds and plants, and uprooted stuff that should not be there like a laurel. Laurel is not native here and I too think we should destroy them all, along with Japanese knot-weed. He showed a way to make gardens in the UK and Ireland be more insect friendly. Not to worry much about honeybees but more the wild bees. Mason bees and bumblebees. These are endangered. With the right plants, the right insects come and then the birds. Also it does not take a lot of thought to figure out the food chain. Building a proper hedge will bring in the field mice, voles and so on, followed by the owls of course. I didn’t know that the red squirrel will follow pine martens. I thought it was the other way round. Red squirrels have adapted to pine martens, grey squirrels haven’t. Grey squirrels also are aliens and don’t really belong here. Colin has shown a very interesting side to nature. Most of us do not really care or think about it and we seem to forget we also are part of nature. But as he indicated we should stop interfering with it and work alongside.

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Black holes and the end of it all...

At certain times we are looking at the TV screen and watch one of the brightest stars in our universe, aka Prof Brian Cox. Presently showing his newest programme ‘Universe’. A very glitzy, raucous, thundery compilation of poetry spoken by the Prof whilst trying to explain the intricacies of a black hole. No, nothing to do with our bodily function, we are in the depths of our galaxy, in fact at the centre and looking at what he calls Sagittarius A*. A black hole of gigantic proportions. The one thing I would ask, why in all blazes is there music trying to drown his words? His poetry must be heard. Well ok, it isn’t brilliant but we all can do with a laugh in these difficult Covid times. Prof Brian was talking about the black hole and the discovery by Stephen Hawking that black is not black. In fact black holes radiate matter or energy, and will evaporate. 

One would have thought it be the end and bye-bye. No, Prof Brian showed in devastating colour the last explosion of the dying hole. As my own was twitching by now, I wanted to know why he kept mixing up the terms black hole and universe. To be fair a black hole, as far as I know, is a part of the galaxy which in itself is part of a cluster and on and on right to the universe itself. But it set me on an idea that I found rather interesting. 

Yes, black holes attract whatever they can. Matter that comes too close and supposedly this would mean that a whole galaxy could become a black hole. This black hole over trillions of years would meet others and in the end there would be just one black hole slowly radiating away. But as Prof Brian said that’s not the end. Remember that black hole in the centre of the galaxy in dying ended in a burst of energy? It would be the same for our universal black hole. Yes! Let’s call that another Big Bang. It seems that the hypothesis of the ‘Oscillating Universe’ could well be true! Right, now we know. Recall all scientists and get them to repair all the black holes in our roads. These unfortunately will not evaporate away, although our Councils do think they will. The problem is universal, all black holes will coalesce and we now know thanks to the Prof that they will explode in the end. Yep, it is a universal law. Hopefully humanity will not be in the vicinity when that happens. But don't hold your breath!

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Peppa Pig for Prime Minister? Yeah, why not....

I have decided to stay with this font, it seems nice and easy to read. So, ditching the Arial and going for Trebuchet!

Just listening or watching or even reading the various news reports you would be thinking this country’s leaders have lost the plot. In fact I think you might well be right. First of all the PM Boris seems to like Peppa Pig – for those who are not familiar with that name, it is a children’s cartoon character and will now probably show a full head of wild straggly hair. You could not make it up. But at least there are people who said he worked far too much for a single person in a day. Well, welcome to the 24-7 days Boris, thanks to your compatriots over the years we are all chasing our tails! When I get up I cannot remember what day it is until I look on the calendar. It does seem though that the government we have, talk a good story but it stays at that. 

For years we have known that immigration is a problem. Not that it has anything to do with skin colour but everything to do with support. Meaning if 1,000 come over in a boat or the other, somehow we will have to feed, clothe, look for housing. And when the annual total exceeds 20,000 then anyone can see we are having a problem. Because they just will keep coming. It is easy to see why they are so determined. Compared to European nations we are simply too soft. We do not question anything because if we do, lawyers will beat down our front doors. And so the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, bless her heart, keeps saying and coming up with great ideas but it just stays at that. We even help immigrants to land. Now from a humanitarian point of view I would agree but it does not solve the problem. The only way it is going to be solved is when we literally stop the boats and turn them back. Even tow them back to French waters. Or the French will allow our military to patrol their beaches which I cannot see happening in a million years. Besides all of that we will have to beef up our laws about asylum. If asylum fails, sorry back to Europe. It is sad that despite the French and the EU generally, constantly commenting about our problem, the French in particular ought to regain control of their own borders. The EU is criminally negligent. Get it right Macron and quick before we will have to do it ourselves! Or perhaps Peppa Pig will do it for us.

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Use the Navy, thank you...

Just in case you, dear reader, thought that things were great. Britain showing a bit of beef. Sending troops to Poland to keep the immigrants out of the EU. Great stuff, don’t you think? Well, yes but how is it possible that we can use the military, send them to Poland to do the thing we cannot seem to do on our own coasts? Is this another of Boris’ great promises? Showing he has what it takes? He might have what it takes but it’s not in making the right decisions. Look Boris, you came to the hallowed seat of PM power with some bravado. Wild waving hair, a bit of bluster and yes, you took me in. 

But I’m afraid that now you’ve lost me! I feel a bit sorry for you because you thought you were the next Churchill but you turned out to be a bit like Churchill’s overfed bulldog. Slow and pondering about, slavering at the mouth and pretty useless in a fight. I am not sure that you really knew what it was all about. What politics is about. What Britain’s real standing is. OK you won Brexit, excellent because it stopped most of the infighting. But when you win a battle you also have to deal with its aftermath. 

The destructions need addressing, you cannot just leave it. America after WW2 had its Marshall plan to rebuild Europe. It worked. If they had just left it Germany would by now have been just part of Russia, possibly just an empty prairie. So, Boris just do us all a favour, either pull your socks up or leave.

Just to end this missive, don’t think immigrants will change their minds. They ALL want just one country. Yes, us. Britain. It will not ever stop. Don’t try to find reasons why, we all know the reasons why and we do not understand your evident reluctance to deal with this issue. It is basically quite simple, turn the boats around. Use the Navy. Thank you.

Friday, 19 November 2021

How many gaffes before you're kicked out?

It defies belief to hear how this government of ours is reneging on promises made to the North of this country. During the last election we heard that the North were going to have their HS2 extension to Leeds. And as a result Boris ended up with a stonking majority in Parliament. So what happened? Well, I suppose some bright spark in the government has deducted that passenger usage would be less than anticipated and not worth expending billions on an underused railway. Underused in terms of large commuter travel. Besides all that, the cash spent would not be paid back for hundreds of years in income. That’s how I see it but according to the government it is basically a money issue. Well, how do you want to lose the next election? He seems to be gaffe prone lately and that is because he opened his mouth and said all the wrong things. To be PM you need to have a steel backbone, you cannot have minions make all the decisions and yourself stay at home looking after the dog. You cannot say to the North country “We are going to invest heavily to get you right up there with the South”! Then pull back at the last and definitely wrong time!

Next Boris, as always a good friend, tried to hide one of his mates wrongdoing. To be fair Owen Paterson did not break the law but questions were asked about so-called second jobs by MPs. Especially when you learn one of them trousered hundreds of thousands. You might well ask “Why bother to stand for political office”? I think the answer is pretty clear, wouldn’t you think? Actions like that, work offered because you’re a high level politician is most likely very close to corruption. 

So, I’m afraid from now on it will be downhill and goodbye. It was nice knowing you but you came up short Boris. Have a nice time with the family and stop kicking the dog, it’s not his fault you were shown to be a bit of a waste of time.

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Immigration? Looking for paradise but where is it exactly?

And to follow up my previous post, something else has cropped up on the radar. It is something I have wondered about as well. The apparent collusion between people here and in France to get immigrants to come over. Ultra woke leftie liberal charities actually are over in France. Can you believe it? Criminal gangs organising it and indeed some individuals as well, are from the UK! The outgoing head of the Borderforce, apparently thought it was a ‘bloody pain in the arse’. Probably believing it wasn’t his or the Force’s problem. Well, good riddance then please retire to the Outer Hebrides. I heard Rockall needs a new tenant. It just defies belief that there are people in this country with views like that, these are civil servants. Civil servants are supposed to do their very best to see to it that this country flourishes and is run correctly.What did this Border Force guy think his job was? Sure the French leave a lot to be desired but when I look at their problems with immigrants ours are dwarfed. Nevertheless that’s not or should not be, an excuse. Unbridled immigration creates many problems in the UK. Housing, jobs, social costs, the UK is not very well situated to deal with a daily influx of 1,000 men, women and children! The failure of various governments, todays and past is an absolute disgrace. Both for the immigrants themselves and our population. It is our population who have to deal with it in the end. Politicians just do nothing and sit in their ivory towers quaffing champagne, congratulating themselves on a job well done. That the job merely shifted the responsibility to others is not considered. To be fair I was very pro Boris but I am afraid he has lost his grip on the issues that bother this country. Ah well. it is what it is. If you cannot stand the heat in the kitchen, just leave. Stage left and don’t forget to close the door on your way out.

Monday, 15 November 2021

I promise to get things under control...well may be, I don't know.

The title says it all. Many times people like myself are looking at all the promises our government makes, and remember the glossy brochures at election time. Then start thinking what a load of prats they all are. Look, we all know life is not as easy as some would led you to believe. The frank truth is that most of us get by on very little indeed. One of the big things showing today is the Immigration Show. This has had a longer theatre life than the Mouse Trap. The Agatha Christie show running in London probably ever since I was born. But it properly started when Labour (the great Liar Blair, sorry I think his name was Tony, I could be wrong) had inaugurated their ‘Open Door’ policy. Ever since then we have ‘welcomed’ thousands every year and will continue to do so because our political friends are hamstrung by indecision and fear to upset lawyers. Yet I do believe that this issue will ensure the Conservatives will lose the next election. Moreover, it will ensure their legacy will be one of failure and feeble government. All despite their promises to get things under control. An abysmal failure of the kind alike to the sinking of the Titanic. 

It is the same with the drugs epidemic. There is no real will to get it under control. They say a few words about the Border Force, probably with words like ‘We have the best in the world’ and spend a few millions on a glossy brochure campaign. But the reality is things stay just the same or get worse. Priti Patel, an able woman turned politician has found out that the world is still ruled by petty men. Old grey men with loads of money. This will be the downfall of the Conservatives, their apparent greed. Politicians just don’t get it, their avarice is boundless, from renting out homes to Lords just turning up in Parliament pocketing £300 a day and sleeping in their pluche office or quaffing Bollinger champagne. That’s why the Lords are called Champagne Charlies. And that my friends is the sorry state of 2021 politics in the western world. Spearheaded by drunken halfwits and a UK PM who still thinks he has things under control. All I can say to him now is, Boris you have let me down. Go back home and look after the kids.

Saturday, 13 November 2021

Putting some things in perspective....

If you really wanted to know what is wrong in the world look no further than the differences between two of the richest men in the world and Owain Wyn Evans, the BBC Weather presenter.

Branson and Bezos firing billion pound rockets into space for no more than allowing some rich gits a glimpse of the world they just helped to destroy a bit faster. Tourism? My foot..the amount of noxious crap put into the atmosphere defies belief and for what? Then there is Owain who is the flamboyant weather presenter for BBC mainly in the north-west I believe but I would like to see him here a bit more, he’s got class. Challenged to do something for Children in Need. Yes, I know it is 2021 but there are STILL children and I know some where I live in one of the poorest areas of Wales where some children due to uncaring parents or sick parents don’t even have a bed to sleep in, where help is needed desperately. Owain took up the challenge and as he likes playing drums, probably a thing when he was younger and wanted to play in a band, he has now completed the challenge and so the best news yet, followed by donations being so far over one and a half million pounds (£1,6million). Brilliant Owain, well done and I think Richard Branson ought to give all his medals and orders to charity. It puts things into some perspective doesn’t it?  

Here we are talking about COP26 and the need for direct action and as suspected the richest nations are a bit so-so about a deal. The main reason as I have said before, is that they do not want their economies radically altered. So, coal will still be mined and burned in countries like China and India. I do believe that we here in the so-called western world will have to dig into our pockets more to help build the infrastructure needed to limit the expected temperature increase to 1.5 degrees. I think we are already to late to achieve that but we must try. This is why I frown on the attempts by Amazon and Virgin firing these rockets because I just cannot see the point of it. The need for direct action, hard though it may be, is very evident. I also think that the present leadership of the world governments are not up to the mark. Boris here is a bit of a talker but what about action? I'm sure it's not easy but good leadership shows through action. It is something I would tell Priti Patel as well. 

Friday, 12 November 2021

Sleeze or sleaze? That's the question....

Sleeze? What sleeze, Boris keeps asking. It is funny how you can define sleeze. Or as it is spelled, properly, sleaze. I have seen both but sleeze has connotations with drink, something MPs know all about. However, sleaze it is. So, the government in the hallowed room where the Cabinet meets, are scratching their collective heads and wondering what it all means. There is a chair at the end of the table and if you sit in that one you are out of government in the following month. It is the ‘Leaver Chair’. Just kidding. Geoffrey Cox is in that chair right now. OK so what about sleaze then? Is it normal to have a perk like subsidised housing for MPs which after all was set up so that MPs from hundreds of miles away had somewhere to stay during sittings of Parliament. Rent a small apartment. If you do that it is totally acceptable, that’s the system being used what it was set up for but not if you already had an apartment or house in London and rented that out. Is that sleaze? Hmmmm. There are a few MPs of different parties who use the system for profit so yes it should not be strange that we, the great unwashed, look at these shenanigans with a jaundiced eye. Because it is akin to profiteering. It might be ‘lawful’ but is it morally right? You may want to know why it is a problem? It tends to happen when a party holds the governing power. As at present, the Conservatives, aka the Tories. It is a type of mindset that tells some of the higher ranking politicos and MPs the shackles are off, we can do what we want. It’s ok despite warnings about climate warming to travel with private jets to attend meetings in sunny Caribbean islands which could be done over the phone by Whatsapp or Signal. It’s OK to have a London pad and give it to a family member or a friend and claim the rent on a rented place as allowed by Parliament. No one checks, everyone is too afraid to push the gravy train off the rails. So, I am now saying Boris, your time is up, you had your chance and fluffed it. Welcome the new prince, Rishi step forward!

Thursday, 11 November 2021

The NHS in trouble? It sure is...but why?

Watching the news nowadays is akin to dousing yourself with extremely cold water. I have always said that there is no good news, all of it is pretty bad. In fact it is better really not to watch it at all. However, this morning it was the turn of the NHS (again) and the very long waiting times. I must agree why have we arrived at this situation? I cannot remember it ever having been as bad as it is now. Ambulances take hours to attend a casualty or pick up someone who has had a heart attack or Brain haemorrhage. People have died waiting for help. But like everything else what are the causes of this situation? Despite cheerful government talk about millions, nay billions more for the NHS and more doctors and nurses I think they simply are lying. Or at least hiding the truth behind confusing statements. The facts are very simple, the whole system is in meltdown. Is it just money? That cannot be true. The NHS is, as we all know, a bottomless pit but again that I think is not the problem. The problem is a demographic problem. There are just too many of us and too many older people. The facts are there to see. The over 60’s have increased incredibly fast. It will not be long before there are more over 60’s than below 30’s! And the older you are the more health problems are seen. Well, OK so the need for more and more health services must be evident but will or can the government do anything about it? I fear not unless the NHS is radically changed. From my point of view which I have mentioned before is that we can no longer afford to have a free NHS. It is or was, a great idea but the NHS is just now in the process drowning in the demand which was never foreseen.

The other problem we face is the way the general population expects the service to be. The feeling I get is that no-one expects to die at any time, everyone wants to look slim, have dark wavy hair, straight pretty noses, non-drooping eyelids, full red lips. Flat belly and stick out bums. Lovely and that all for free on the NHS because as you know we are mentally affected by our looks. I must have had 20 or more mental breakdowns about a wart that sits nicely on my head under hair. Will it go? No, it won’t. Can’t see a doctor to freeze it off because he/she sits at home staring at a computer screen. Well, there it is. It is us who are the problem. Our expectations, our fears and wishes. Time to re-evaluate, stop and start again.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Drugs and punishment...

There is something that not many people know about drugs. Not that the users care where the stuff comes from but it is something that I also had never considered. For instance, cocaine is mostly from South America. Colombia in particular is in the news. But I too had never considered how it is grown. Yes, you got it, it is grown in cleared Amazonian forest. They cut down whole areas of pristine forest to plant the coca bushes. So in other words, if you use coke, loads of prattling middle class jokers do in this country, they are no more than imbecilic climate destroyers. Climate protesters in the UK, the middle-class type, also tend to be cocaine takers. I just wonder how they correlate that with climate warming.

It is funny how some just don’t consider their actions with other actions which are opposed to the first action. Apparently Britain is a big user of the stuff and anyone who does is unfit to take up any position of responsibility or as far as I am concerned any position at all. We are too easy going by far and although I am not advocating to become a police state or let the far-right take over we do need to evaluate the cost to the nation, the cost to families and of course the personal cost to the individual. After all, it has health implications. The next thing is to deal with the pushers, the dealers. Jail does not seem to help much in this so a new way should be found. You might think I am demented but I’ll be frank, dealers need a sharp lesson as to why they are guilty of making this nation a sleepwalking state. 

So, I would like to see a very public punishment. Something of the order of a chain gang. Repairing all the potholes would be good. As this would mean they would not be able to work at a proper job for the time being they would have to live in a tent set up for the purpose. With an ankle bracelet that can give electric shocks. This to be used as and when said individual tries to escape or does not turn up for the work. Make monitoring 100% effective! Well, it might be a bit much for the woke leftie-liberals as most of them of course, are dependent on aforementioned dealers. But hey there you go, this is 2021!

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Some thoughts on food and space...

The Strictly Come Dancing furore continues unabated. It certainly does so on social media. Twitter is awash with people who are asking ‘Why is Dan still in the competition?’ May I just ask what competition? Besides all of that if the public vote - well, the one or two who still bother to pick up the phone - has anything to say then Katiya is not liked all that much. So, there we have it, calm down, the BBC is always right .Yes, and my name is Hogmanay Jones.

The problem with all of this, is that our attention is drawn away from much more important issues. I have wondered many times why so many new houses are being built in Wales. South Wales in particular. It is obvious that something has been decided in the Halls of Power of which us, the great unwashed, are not aware of. The big question we have to ask is ‘What and how do we want our country to be’? This is not just for Wales but the whole of the UK. We have some 68million people alive at present, in a country that should have no more than 25million. That is if you want to have good green spaces and clean air plus room to grow the necessary vegetables and other foods. But this is not the world we see. We see problems galore, climate hotting up putting pressure on food production and inclement weather patterns increasingly going wilder. We see a movement of people from southern countries moving north. It is expected to become a human river of gigantic proportions. The question is ‘Are our political friends actually even be aware of these problems’? And if they are, what are they doing about it? It just seems they are as per the usual taking the easy route and put it on the back-burner. Why? Because in this country there is what is known as the ‘Second great western movement’. That is to say people selling up expensive houses in the eastern conurbations like London, Reading, Bristol and moving into much cheaper homes across the Severn. This is making room for immigrants to move into HMOs (Homes with multiple occupation) because the freed homes have been bought by property developers. You may say - Yes, we have the responsibility to save lives. Sounds great but it doesn’t solve the problems. The problems originate through and because of our behaviour. Nature is quite a simple body. Every species has a niche in which they live. There is a balance between its food supply and numbers. Increase the food supply and you will also increase numbers. By doing that you decrease the available land because it is needed for growing food meaning less space for the entity to expand. The increased numbers now will decrease other entities who have less or no more room to exist. Diseases that would normally prey on an entity which is now severely diminished or gone, now transfers to the more numerical entity. This could be humans and that is already happening. Due to the increased numbers of the entity, pressures on food and space increase. As has been seen in non-human entities when in such a model, it is followed by a crash in numbers due to disease and infighting. Do we need to say any more? The answers are still out, no-one is bothering. Companies merrily carry on with their destructive behaviour. Ask Richard Branson why it is necessary to spend billions to shoot a few rich people into space so that they can gawk at the Earth where they have just hammered another nail into its coffin?

Monday, 8 November 2021

Squeaky bum time? Hmmm you tell me...

And so according to the news reports travel to the US is OK again. So, a stampede now to get onto the planes. The MD of British Airways was proudly pronouncing ‘We will fly to 23 US cities this week and 28 the week after’. Great stuff sir, thanks for killing us! I am despairing with the shallowness of people like him and the crank standing next to him from Virgin Airways. But what can you say when you have a boss who thinks nothing about flying off to space. For heaven’s sake - Why? Was he on a suicidal mission? Thinking to open the doors and stepping out? Is it not time if people are not even intending to alter their behaviour, governments will have to prohibit all travel? If anyone wants to find out how much CO2 is put into the air have a look at to see how many planes are in the sky. Next look at some fact sheets - like EESI.ORG - and you will see that aircraft emissions are some 3.16 kilogrammes of CO2 per 1 kilogramme of fuel consumed. On top of that there are other gases like nitrous oxide. Now multiply that by the number of planes flying at any moment per hour. I looked at - they had some figures from 2016 that showed 12,856 planes carrying 1,590,929 people where in the sky. I am sure that figure about planes has quietly increased as some other data suggests that it could well be over 20,000 at the present.

Now you might think - so what? But let’s take it further. How much does the average plane take in as fuel? Well, the Airbus which is a very popular plane takes 140,000 litres. Turbine fuel is about 6.7 lbs/gallon, there are 3.79 litres in a gallon so 6.7 lbs is 3.04 kgs. Basically divide 3.79 by 3.04 and the answer is 1.25 kgs. 1 litre of aviation fuel weighs 1.25 kgs. Therefore 140,000 litres of fuel then weigh 140,000x1.25 giving 175,000 kgs or 175 tonnes. It equates to 175,000x 3.16 = 553,000 kgs of CO2. My calculations could be wrong but if so, then someone put it right. But from where I am sitting it is an extraordinary figure and multiplying that by 20,000 planes gives 11 million tonnes! Do you now see why it is important to curb air travel? Then take into consideration cars and heating and you now know why all the ice on Earth is melting and the storms pouring billions of tonnes of rain onto the land. It makes difficult reading. Yes, it is squeaky bum time!

Sleaze time, what again?!?

You might be forgiven if you would ask ‘What the ‘eck is going on in Britain?’ Politically speaking as well as humanly. Politically the ‘Storm in a teacup’ is still gathering strength with the PM being so fond of shooting himself in his foot time and time again. Just hoping he enjoys the pain! But looking at it objectively you cannot have rules and then allow people to break them. Especially not for MPs and government officials like the Civil Service. It’s OK for me of course until the police come calling. Look friends, it is simple, MPs are elected on the premise that they are honest, non-corruptible and have the well-being of the nation at heart. Not supposed to be looking for or to their own fortunes. I think it should be forbidden to have outside jobs whilst being an MP, if making a speech on invitation no fee should be paid or received. No commercial lobbying at all. Only expenses like a train ticket for instance. Take heed Boris, whilst we are not yet in the full arena of sleaze you should ensure we stay well away.

From the political sleaze to the ‘normal’ sleaze, the story of an electrician abusing corpses in a mortuary takes some understanding. I am aware there are many deviations from the ‘normal’ human sexual proclivities. I am also aware that ‘necrophilia’ is one of them but I would have thought this having a pretty small base since it is not so easy to get access to dead bodies unless perhaps you are working in places where they are. So, this guy was working in a mortuary and therefore had access. But the question is this, did not anyone ever notice or was it the usual hand before eyes? Or are we 100% sure it actually occurred? A lot of questions and to date no answers. In the meantime the usual ’Can I get some money out of this’ seems to be going on. Reports in the newspapers indicate that lawyers have been contacted and it is said that millions of compensation will be due. Boris a question for you - Will you ‘up’ the Nat Insurance? The NHS might need it soon!

Friday, 5 November 2021

Whoa, another U-Turn, lovely....

Sometimes I just cannot believe I live in the great UK. Sometimes known as Great Britain but nowadays it is just Britain. What a mess people can get into. You know it is strange but today we are not governed by politicians good or bad but by Twitter and Facebook. Just take what happened to Owen Paterson MP. Now ex MP. We have known for years that lobbying is a fact of political life. It happens in daily life everywhere. It is how humans work. If I want something, politically speaking, I go and see a few people first and foremost. But today as we are governed by Twitter, the righteous zombies, the brain-dead, ultra left wokists wake up from their coffins and get behind their Raspberry-Pi wonky set-up and start typing their fury. Then lo and behold the government make an U-turn. Great stuff. It is like I love to be governed by weak ever-smiling pontificating herd animals like wildebeest. Always skittish, looking over the shoulders. 

Whether Owen did or did not lobby ministers is not in question because all do. It is part of government, you have to talk to people about your ideas and promote those companies within your constituency. But the problem can escalate because if money gets involved then it is no longer lobbying but graft aka corruption. It is on those parameters it needs looking at and not just rumours of someone having talked to someone else.

The other thing about Twitter is the ever increasing ‘backlash’ about racism. Now we hear it was bad in cricket. God help us all. What next? People, please get a life. I was born a Dutchman and have been called almost anything you can think of, Dutchy, Ditchy, Donkey, Dotty (I like that one), Cheesemonger, Cheesecruncher, amongst a thousand others. Has it changed me? Sure it has, I trim my foot nails more often. So, you are called a shortened name based on your country, so what? Isn’t it true? You were born somewhere else? Oh, sorry must call you Dutchy then. By the way I live in Wales, yes? Yep, I like sheep! Nice woolly things that. Calm down Twitter maniacs.

Tuesday, 2 November 2021

The Archbishop has apologised for Pete's sake, Why?

Oh dear, it’s fun being in Britain today! The Archbishop of Canterbury in a bit of trouble right now. Apparently there is ‘outrage’ at the Arch (Justin Welby) when he compared the climate problems with the Holocaust. Well, to be fair I might not always agree with the Arch but was he particularly wrong? Let’s have a look. The Holocaust, and there are a quite a number of people who deny it even happened, was the political idea set in motion to ‘cleanse’ the world from humans deemed to be ‘inferior’. As such the Germans at the time started rounding up the Jewish population and also humans like gypsies and lo and behold, LBGT+ people. If you were the only gay in the village you’d better move away quickly. Well, at least we do things differently now. So, the Holocaust was an extermination programme. Now if we look at the climate problems, we know that almost certainly these are caused by humans. Through indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil we have unleashed the genie from the bottle. These actions are ordered by companies across the world, nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq even in America are are pretty dependent on the revenue of oil. Like the Germans who knew what was going on despite denials, the world's companies are also in denial about their actions increasing CO2 and other gases into the atmosphere. And along with them are the politicians are incredibly afraid of the economy collapsing if they even try to do anything.

As a result all of us are really exterminating the human population along with almost everything else. It doesn’t matter if we argue about how long we can continue, it doesn’t matter to deny it is human made. The road we have taken is like the Yellow Road of the Wizard of Oz. Just like the Germans took that road. Well, it might be that the loony left , the ‘woke’ loony left, does not like it but I think what the Archbishop tried to say is to all sense and purposes, correct. The Church should NOT stand back. The Church should be vitriolic about the way politicians deal with the matter. Follow Glasgow and you will see smiling appearances, Macron nearly kissed Boris, yes a great love-in is going on, the meals are wonderful and the wine is flowing. Biden has had a few whiskies by the way he is looking. So, it is as it has always been, a lot of talk but action? Let’s see but I’m not holding my breath! In the mean time - thank you Archbishop, you should not have been forced to apologise.