Monday, 4 October 2021

Words, words, words....

Has anyone noticed the sort of language now used by reporters? Words like ‘ Bills have rocketed’ as one said glumly in front of a Manchester building during the Conservative Conference. Rocketed is more interesting than 'Gone up' or 'rising' I suppose. Words such as ‘massive’, ‘incredible’, and talking about the fuel ‘crisis’ you might ask what crisis? Then there is the word ‘calamity’ you hear a few times, although I must say if we are talking about the volcanic eruption on the Canary Islands, yes that’s a calamity. The facts are that in choosing these ‘strong’ words it makes reporting much more volatile. More ‘bone-jarring’. You may ask why? Is there a need to jazz up incidents? Simple reporting should be enough, it should not be about attracting more viewers. Surely we now have reached an impasse because we are now so used to the language used, it does no longer register. Personally I am just put off and only watch the news early in the morning. For the rest if I want to see something I just look on my mobile without the sound. I have to say that electronic gadgets now overshadow almost any other thing. This is another thing that bothers me. The use of mobiles by young people as they walk along the road! Hopefully they are just listening to music and not to the newscasts! Even so, I wonder how many will suffer an accident or are killed by such behaviour? That might be a hard-hitting, incredible, massive report showing the rocketing accident occasions all around us. Wow, a stupendous ordeal of the most grievous kind, the monstrous tyranny of the reporting style that will be the absolute survival of news stations in the whole world. It is a shocking acclamation of the most impressive kind ever seen or heard. Before you have a meltdown or cause a bloodbath and armageddon envelops us all, the bloodcurdling nightmare is not all that serious. It will not cripple you, it is not the catastrophe you expected, yet. So, switch off the TV, don’t watch the news and go back to sleep.

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