Sunday, 10 October 2021

Why do we need foreign workers?

Despite all the usual problems facing us, such as the energy crisis, the home building crisis, the mental state crisis, the China seas crisis, the grocery rising prices crisis, and my nightly waking up crisis, things are not so bad. But it is funny to look all around and see your environment changing and it is now happening faster than ever before. It seems we are at a crossroads and we don’t really know which way to take yet. We are dithering in the middle of the road trying to look beyond the horizon and not noticing the fast cars coming towards us. Watching the BBC Channel this morning, yes I know I am an idiot, the talk was about labour. Not the party but foreign labour in the UK to pick fruit and other things. I have always wondered why this was necessary? I do take it that employers, if it was unregulated, would love it as cheap labour would increase their profit margins. Even though government tries to regulate, it is quite obvious that in many cases it does not work. But taking away the profit motive what is the rationale behind all of this imported labour? There is obviously a need for agricultural workers. It has not escaped my notice that when you have seasonal crops, like strawberries or even hops on Kent farms you need a lot of workers but only for a short time. I remember in my younger days in Holland, people took a week holiday from their usual work to spend a week on a farm picking something or the other for a nice wad of money, possibly even tax free, and treat it as a holiday in the fresh air. There was no argument about foreign workers. If there were you would count them on the fingers of just one hand. So, why are we in the UK in this predicament? There are plenty on the dole, there are too many just work shy, there are many who have a bad back but can spend every morning in the local gym. We have become a nation of shysters who see the social security system as an easy way to make a living. Carefree. My solution is to send them, if medically fit, to pick the fruit and a slightly increased allowance. Also our various political parties need to get away from the idea that all UK citizens must have a university degree. So far the result has been that we have an enormous number of arts graduates, but no scientists worthy of the name and few manual workers. You can easily see that why I have such a jaundiced view on politics and politicians. If you give something free, people will almost certainly abuse it. Just look at the NHS. I am going back to bed and dream about my week picking strawberries.

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