Monday, 18 October 2021

What should we say or write when we are upset?

Oh la la as the French say from time to time. The debate in Britain is getting hot under the collar. Well yes, so it should, you may want to know what it is about. It is about the language used towards politicians, by politicians and others, yes including me. It is a strange thing and I can only speak, write of my own experiences of course and that it is too easy to descend into vitriolic outbursts simply because there is no break. You sit behind the keyboard feeling upset in some way about something a politician has said or done, particularly a politician of a party you do not support and off you go. As you type the words spew out and you do not stop, out it all comes. Your frustration about your station in life, your salary level. The argument you had with the partner. I am sure there are many who then put all of that in a single line on Twitter. And what have we got? An expletive laced death threat you probably would never dare say face to face. And that’s the problem. When I have said in the past that I do not like politicians, what does or did that mean? Am I generally speaking or am I talking about one or two? It should be obvious that I am trying to convey my feeling about the level of public life I see and read about but that is no reflection on personal competence of politicians. It has to be understood that one cannot be talking about every single politician. We need to understand not everybody is like us. There are those who have a different opinion, a different attitude and a different station in life. Some are richer than us and more are poorer than us. It just doesn’t mean they are stupid or do not deserve to live. And if we are so angry that you must write about it, do so in acceptable terms and moreover look at what you write, would you say that to the person in question face to face? No? Then don’t write it! This is for everyone, every religious belief, every political view, every station in life. Obviously, there are some who are so warped they have lost all reality and live in a world that just does not exist. Perhaps for religious reasons or indoctrination, we know many such stories. Some of you know I am an Anglican Catholic. But do I think the Bible is the infallible word of God? No, I do not. It is the word of Man inspired by God. Therefore it cannot be infallible. So, do I now want to depose of everyone who has another view? No, I do not. I do follow a national party, do I want to dispose of those who are Labour or Conservative? Certainly not. I have had debates and what do you find? There are great similarities in views! Social matters tend to be very very similar. So there are areas of confluence, of getting together. With the present problems about global importance we certainly need to find such areas of similar views and act upon them, fast!

Edit - Oh yes nearly forgot to mention, people should not have the opportunity to be anonymous on the web. That would be up to the ISPs and to the platforms (Twitter, Facebook etc). Even though I use a VPN you could trace me through that if you really wanted to know. The browsers need to verify your identity, Firefox and Chrome etc do but the (in)famous Tor probably leaves a lot to be desired. Anonymity should be taken away. Simple as that.

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