Friday, 29 October 2021

Thinking about why I don't sleep.....

Us humans get worked up about almost anything. Reading newspapers or listening to TV news bulletins will show you quickly the latest ones. At the moment we are going to host the Glasgow UN extravaganza where we will discuss how to curb environmental damage. So it will mean build more, as my favourite journo, Rod Liddle said, bird mincers. Or in other words wind turbines. If you think these are environmentally friendly, quickly think again. The other thing he mentioned, sewage. Yes, our effluent from close to 70 million people goes into the sea. Where else do you think it goes? Not in my back-garden. My neighbour’s cat sees to manuring that. I have been thinking how to get rid of it but you know what? I like the beast. He sprays wonderful scents on every wall and then alluringly stares at me before coming over for a petting session. Lovely, won’t be long before I find it sleeping on our bed. Water companies face heavy fines when they are caught pumping raw sewage into rivers but there are many loopholes. 

The other thing we get worked up with is disappearing animals. Tigers, rhinos, more or less anything that walks on Africa’s continent. But we do not seem to mind the animals disappearing right under our own noses. Practically any animal is in danger in the UK. Burgeoning population, vastly increased house building, also on green spaces are mostly to blame. Disappearing wild spaces will mean more mental disease. Even in the area where I live it is remarkable to see more and land being concreted over. Planners are the worst problem we have today. Councils across the nation will need to re-examine their plans quickly otherwise in years to come we will have to face yet another calamity. This is not the legacy I want to leave my future grandchildren! No matter where you look, humans are the main culprit of almost any problem the planet faces. Be it species disappearing, seas and oceans fouling, air pollution, plastics, CO2 increasing and warming the climate, it all points to just one species. US! Humans. 

You may ask what will nature do to try to balance the environment? Well, it is already beginning. Covid-19 is here. It might have been an accident but it is here now. It will be with us like forever. More so, it will mutate like flu. So, more and more will be on the march towards us. As I have said many times before, the more we spoil, the more there are of us, the more are the chances we open the floodgates. As it is Covid is not so bad for the majority but it has had an impact on those who have health problems and the very old. However, just like in a war, nature is getting its arsenal up to scratch and before too long the next attack will be launched. Nature will not need beaches or ships but it’ll love our need for sunny holidays. Planes are one of the worst kind of disease spreader. Hopefully they will not shy away from difficult decisions or get into stupid arguments in Glasgow soon. We need to be quick and redress the balance. Come what may.

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