Thursday, 28 October 2021

Thinking about 'Time'...

The latest BBC blockbuster ‘Universe’ with the great hairy science promulgator Prof Brian Cox is full of controversial exclamations. Well, that is my opinion of course, I just loved his morose ‘end of the Universe’ talk. I admit I was crying. Although come to think of it, it is something like a couple of trillion years in the future. Every time I see Prof Cox the television screen fills with incredible images. Colourful, big explosions and planets I want to live on. But may I just point out - what is the meaning of all of this? The point I am trying to make is that we know the Universe is going to end, the Sun will stop shining after it has swallowed half the solar system and we will have been served up like an Aussie BBQ. And the big U will be a dark void full of floating cold rocks. Now is that the end? No sir, it is not. I believe that the Universe when the lights have gone out, a force will be missing and another force namely ‘gravity’ will take over completely and over time (could be another million trillion years) will ensure the great ‘Collapse’. 

The concept of time is a human made concept by the way and has no real meaning in the greater scheme of things. Going to sleep for 7 or 8 hours when you wake up you have no concept of those ‘lost’ hours. The same if you went into a coma for a year. Yes, a trillion of our ‘years’ is a very, very long time but nothing at all in the universal scheme. It has no real meaning because we’re not there.The rocks getting together in the end will become so dense that the structure will collapse and other effects will now occur. The pressure will increase so much that rocks will become fluid, heat up and in the end it all will just go bang again because the mass that is the so-called ‘Infinite’ is unstable. In short we are in a Universe that is expanding, collapsing over and over again. An interesting concept to be sure. I have to say there are many scientists who have different ideas, such as the ever expanding Universe, or multi-verses. It is great to just think about but we will never really know that any of these ideas are true. I have thought about death many times, what does it mean? Meaning in a time sense, it doesn’t mean anything. For all we know it will be just like starting up again somewhere else in perhaps the same way or another way. Life is life, it just doesn’t matter how and as what.  

I just hope you will sleep well after reading all of this. Goodnight and when the ‘time’ comes I might come back as an armadillo or perhaps a biological robot. Hope you will recognise me!

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