Saturday, 30 October 2021

Thinking about 1.5 degrees, could we, should we?

What a load of tosh politicians come up with. You have heard I hope the slogan - Keep the Earth alive and keep it to 1.5. Meaning to keep the temperature increase to no more then 1.5 degrees Centigrade. Well, may I tell you that this will be problematic? It pretty means well to abandon great swathes of Africa and basically all tropical regions. The temperature in general can already top 50° Centigrade in places. In Britain the temperature can top 40° C on occasions with the result that some crops will dry out and fail. More so the strange hot/cold springs that have been already around ruined my grapes in the greenhouse due to grey mould. It was unstoppable. So, to hear politicians joyfully say we will keep it to 1.5° is just claptrap. There is no way that will be done because of fear of collapsing economies. Just listen to the clamour from people who want to go on a Spanish holiday. They simply want to ignore the problem. 

That is the way it is all over the world. I think that we ought to forget any measures and just carry on. Nature will deal with us as it will see fit. Take some measures that will keep us happy, like electric cars. Although if you think that will be carbon sensible, forget it. To produce these makes Co2 just as much as making any car. The batteries alone will put tons into the air. Their manufacture uses Cobalt an element found mostly in the Congo basin. To dig this out of the earth needs power machinery, if you want big loads of it. At the moment child labour is used. Cases of cobalt poisoning are on the increase. 

But be that as it may, it ought to be understood that not a single manufacturing process is free from problems insofar producing Co2 is concerned or other nefarious gases. There is but one way we will be able to perhaps reverse the climate changing too much and that is to change the human lifestyle. It would mean, less meat, no foreign holidays unless you walk or cycle, no car driving in any way, building houses with multiple levels of occupation. Reducing the populations. Perhaps that is what the Chinese tried to do. They had in the past a law that curtailed families to one child only. I am not sure what came of it. But it might have worked. Was the ‘accident’ in Wuhan an accident? We might never know. 

Similarly the British government thought that ‘herd immunity’ would work but it did not. Did it change its mind? Not really, I have heard it mentioned again in dispatches. It throws up difficult questions - are governments really ‘saving’ their populations? Or are they shielding their eyes in the knowledge what is happening is unstoppable? Watch whether the WW2 bunkers are upgraded. They are still around London, not used at the moment but just watch and if they do start work, move to the Outer Hebrides fast.

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