Wednesday, 6 October 2021

The mental health of the world's politicians? Yeah, what about it?

You know we need less of the grandstanding and empty promises politicians make. Especially in the party manifestos and particularly so during the annual festivities called the Conference! Taking a point here, first Boris states that we will issue visas to foreign HGV drivers and some 5000 will arrive. Ehh? Anyway, the practical Keir countered by saying if he had been in power he would have issued some 100,000 such documents. Oh mama, get me home, what a load of bull! Is this politics today? Is this what they teach at Eton? As it stands two or three drivers have appeared. Well you can see how politics in general is today. It is called grandstanding and if you tell ‘m a lie ensure you do it often so people will believe you. 

Grandstanding also is a tool the Chinese love. We are now in World War 3 territory. A few ships, war ships to be sure, through the South China sea and immediately heavy talk ensues. That the Chinese have sailed through the English Channel (la Manche to the Frenchies) is conveniently not mentioned. Yeah, it is world political grandstanding. Makes you look good and strong, macho and virile! 

Just look at Macron with his empty threats. No food on the table at Christmas, EDF will stop electricity. Might I be amiss by suggesting these guys, these politicians ought to be sent to Broadmoor or foreign equivalent? To me I am beginning to see that there is something seriously wrong with the mindset of certain people. It might be because they are watching Facebook too much and want to be on TikTok. If you or I did these things, others would say we have a gross lack of care. Lack of care for our well-being.

Unfortunately we are stuck with these charlatans for the time being, well at least to the next general elections. Although would it change much? Over to you friends!

Ed - for the foreign readers, Broadmoor is a high security mental hospital in England (that means NOT in Wales or Scotland, just England. Does that say something?

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