Sunday, 31 October 2021

The BBC hoodwinking us? Never in a .....or well.....

Most of us here in the UK have a bit of a frowned eyebrow about the BBC. There is their political bias, their insistence of righting all the wrongs about gender and colour and finally the travesty called ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. I watch it because my wife is glued to the TV set and I cannot watch anything else or have to leave the room. Why do I think it is a travesty? A travesty of pulling the wool over our eyes. That program has been choreographed from the very beginning. They have set the scene from week to week and know who will be going. The judges are obviously into that to some extent but what about the public vote? What public vote, does anyone think it matters? Despite what they say about it being a competition, forget it it is nothing of the sort. It is just a very colourful longish running soap opera.

I hasten to add you may differ in opinion, well why not? It is still a free country. But I do think it is quite clear how it all fits together. The one other thing that bothers me is the cost of it all. The money spent by the BBC is humongous. Plus the money they charge is humongous as well. It sure needs a proper look at it. Again though like everything else in this country, we are run by a red tape government. Slow moving at that. It might say all the right things but action if happening is usually late or too late. One of the things they tend to say when the public clamour for something to be done is ‘Let’s have a public enquiry’. Once you hear that you will know that whatever you wanted to be done or solved, will not ever happen. 

We are queuing up so many stupid matters that despite a bouncy Boris he might as well stay home. From having spats (not sprats) with the French to thinking we can solve the climate crisis, dealing with the aftermath of Covid and Brexit to the failure of protecting the countryside and many more small matters like control of the country’s finances and Prince Andrew’s predilection of making friends with the wrong persons, you will note the wry smile around my lips. But putting it in my court, I am lucky to be able to write about it. All that is required of me is to pay my taxes and that puts another wry smile on top of the old one. I need a facelift!  

Ed: This time it has been ordained that a same-sex couple will win. Oh yeah the BBC is a bit partial to that as it seems to have become a bastion, even a second office of LBGT+. Competition? Don’t make me laugh now. I hasten to add that I do not have a mental breakdown when I see a same-sex couple or even a person with a different inclination to my own. It's fine and yes over the years I have changed too. I wear much tighter pants nowadays, just so you know it.

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