Monday, 11 October 2021

Related? Yes everything is....

Has anyone ever thought how everything seems to be linked? I often note how people, generally speaking, are disassociated from nature. The way they act, the way they live. Truthfully I am the same although I try very much to limit my destructive behaviour. Destructive in the way I use things, buy things. Like plastic packaging. What we humans have seemingly forgotten is that we actually are part of nature, we are not outside of it. We need to be IN and part of nature. It is also why I think space travel is an anomaly. We cannot live anywhere else but Earth. Oh for a short time we could exist in a metal tube called a spaceship or even for a year on desert Mars but what would it do for our mental health? Mental health is the new 21st century disease. Prior to 2000 I had not heard a mention of it. Mental illness was something called in Dutch ‘krankzinnig’. ‘Insanity’ in good ol’ English.

But talking about how everything is related, putting in a lot of CO2 in to the atmosphere has the effect of trapping heat that normally would radiate out to space. It’s a human made problem. The Earth is heating up from below as well, most likely because the continents are always on the move but now they are so close that one or other must give way. You see this in the increased volcanic activity. The Sun also is going into another cycle and what that means we do not know just yet but we will soon I suspect.

The skies over the Rhondda are again cloudy or rather misty with exhaust gases from aeroplanes. Again because people still do not realise the impact flying has. The higher temperatures do not just have an effect on holidays when you can lounge on beaches but it will also have an effect of crops. The higher temperature already ensured much higher and stronger rainfall with hot and cold periods alternating at the strangest times stopping proper germination. or just interfering with crop establishment. This will simply result in higher prices everywhere. The present gas crisis is nothing new, it could have been foreseen politically. It’s cause and effect. The cause is twofold, firstly China now competes for Russian gas, our main supplier. The effect to curtail supplies would mean more income and political pressure to the Russian advantage. Some one asked me ‘Do you think the planet is in trouble then?’ Well no, the planet is not in trouble, it has had similar periods in past times but we are. We are simply changing the planet, if we cut all the trees, the resultant rain will simply wash the soil away to the oceans. The Sahara desert will grow to encircle the planet. Just hoping the camels will enjoy it.

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