Friday, 22 October 2021

Get things in perspective, please..

As an avid reader of two newspapers, one a bit of a sea-side joke type, the other a bit more serious insofar daily happenings, I worry about the mental state of human beings. When a simple dance programme on BBC (not naming names) has people in all sorts of frenzy. Whole pages about someone a bit thick calling a contestant ‘a chubby little thing’. Now in my mind that doesn’t mean anything but in today’s woke society it will ensure an absolute backlash of gigantic proportions. Looking at a picture of the ‘thing’, I will immediately paste that on my bedroom wall. And on top of that, she is pretty good at dancing as well! The guy who sent the woke brigade into apoplexy now faces the sack. Well hang on a minute, is what he said so incredibly bad? I am chubby although no-one will call me a ‘chubby little thing’ I’m afraid. Probably more like a ‘chubby little idiot’. People, please get a life! As it is there are bigger things to get steamed up about.

We all are by now pretty aware that humanity is facing its biggest problem so far. The changing climate. Let’s not get into the how’s and why’s, let’s accept that we are the main cause of why it’s happening. So, why are the nations that will attend the upcoming conference in Scotland quickly backtracking on some of the necessary actions? Like really cutting fossil fuels? The problem of course are the respective economies but surely we are nearly if not already, too late to save our environment. Look, the planet will survive, it will alter, some species will disappear, others will appear. But it will still be here for millions of years. But will we? Will humans be the great survivors? It will not be fast but every year it will be more difficult to survive. Food production will slow down, in fact some areas of the world will or can no longer support agriculture at all. 

And by the way just to put this whole ‘Chubby little thing’ in some context, the lovely ‘little thing’ is the daughter of one of the most outspoken fathers of all time. One who is not afraid to call a frog a frog and means a French guy. Who would probably call me a cheese head wearing stupid wooden clogs and a frilly white cap. Who cares! I don’t.

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