Saturday, 16 October 2021

Complaining, complaining and more complaining...

Right then, the latest interesting woke bit reported. Some plonker asks for a battered sausage (for the uninitiated, this is an English lower class delicacy consisting of some low grade pork meat laced with fat and dipped in a mix of water and flour - Persons eating this on a regular basis can live to 55 years of age). Anyway, the man asks for a battered sausage and was told ‘Sorry, can’t do, too busy at the moment’. Now any normal person would accept this and either buy something else like an un-battered sausage or go somewhere else. Not this plonker, he goes onto social media complaining about customer service being appalling blah di blah, di blah. Most shopkeepers or in this case chip shop owners, would just shrug their shoulders and think the world is full of prats (A prat is an idiot in our vernacular). But not this one owner, he politely tells the plonker to stick the proverbial sausage up his backside (ass in the vernacular). And don’t ever bother to come back. I just love this story. Good on the owner. We have had enough of this complaining frenzy fought out on social media. Or even face to face. We have allowed all sorts of plonkers to shout off their faces about the most ridiculous things. Look, if there is a genuine complaint and I have had a few, then go and face the shop owner and explain in some detail what the complaint is about. If the shop owner refuses to listen or act, then tackle the factory where it is made and if that fails there is the Ombudsman. I know this takes time, Rome was not built in seven days, we should not start thinking that complaints will be solved on the spot. In many cases they are resolved immediately but not all. Stay away from social media like Twitter with unfounded and frivolous comments. Stick to the truth and reality. So, as the chip shop owner said ‘ F..k off elsewhere in the future’. He could not be much clearer.

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