Saturday, 23 October 2021

Antagonism, what's the point?

Many times I have asked myself why world leaders do talk so antagonisticly towards other world leaders. Take Macron when he talks about Boris. Or Rutte from the Netherlands pontificating about Brexit. Having a go about fishing. Ask yourself if ordinary people feel like that? I am surprised at the continental opinions about the UK. The Dutch in particular have a big opinion about what Brexit has meant here in the UK. Most of it is utter rubbish. If they just listen to the Scottish leader, the (in)famous Nicola Sturgeon then you surely will not understand what is happening in the UK overall. The case about fishing rights is simple, there is hardly any fish at all. So it is quite understandable that local fishermen want to fish their own waters without big competition from foreign trawlers. The French have a big coastline too and I am not sure why they want to come all the way to Scottish waters. 

But the overriding consideration has to be conservation of stocks. For sure the old adage used in the big stores - When it’s gone it’s gone - holds true even for fish! Certainly there are stress points to overcome. That’s what good politics is all about. Look for the best way that can satisfy both parties. It is the same thing talking politics between Russia/China and the rest of the world. There seems to be the idea that Russia in particular wants to conquer the world. That mostly would mean Europe I think. But is that really true? What would they gain? Europe would be in ashes for a start, the people starving and homeless. Would any Russian want to live in an empty desert? And when you talk about Russians you have to remember how big it is. It consists of a myriad of religions, ethnic minorities to just point it out. Russia is basically very small. It is the western area from Moscow to St Petersburg. Are they really so antagonistic? Well, the Americans think so but I’m not so sure. They do need us, need the trade. But again politics, the Vlad type is demonstrably aggressive. You may ask as I do many times, what’s the point?

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