Friday, 15 October 2021

Another MP who has paid the final price....but why?

Terrible news today, yet another MP has been killed. As I have said before one may have differences, even dislike some other person but that is never a reason to kill, or should be.

I have a problem with some politicians and believe they should be doing something else with their lives but they do believe in what they are doing. Most have a great personal affinity with their areas of responsibility and a great public feeling of service. I also believe that lots of politicians, MPs in particular or Assembly members in the devolved countries such as Wales do not always agree with their respective parties, or even are opposed to them. In Wales Plaid Cymru favours independence from the UK. As does Scotland but their politicians are as divided on the issue as are their respective populations. The other issue that really bothers me is the vitriolic language now frequently used on social media. I know from my own writing that it is easy to descend into and use language that could be termed aggressive. But again, that must not include threats. Threatening to kill or maim someone is obviously a no-no at any time. To say to someone that he or she is an absolute idiot, well personally I have been called worse but that doesn’t bother me. I am no fairy with gossamer wings. And I would say to politicians generally, I admire your courage but perhaps you should talk less and do more. Obviously I am well aware that if you deal with say 2,000 constituents there will be 2,000 different problems, 2,000 different views on what needs doing and 2,000 opinions. These might not even coincide with the elected person’s views! So, yes there are great divides but again, never a reason to kill for. Not religious, or sectarian or for just simply held opposite views. It is a tragedy to lose a MP as indeed it is for everyone who is needlessly killed. Indeed a tragedy to lose any elected person in this way. If you do not like their work then don’t vote for them next time round. It is as simple as that.

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