Monday, 6 September 2021

Yoohoo Boris, where art thou?

Yoohoo Boris where have you gone? More and more editorials are saying the same thing. The government is a rudderless boa, it started out from the harbour, flags flying, people cheering on the banks. We all saw it taking a right straight course, it was wondeful. Suddenly then it veered of course, and started the go around in circles. What happened? The captain left the bridge and is hiding in a cupboard. That is how the UK government is looking at present. Boris seems to have lost his mojo, the captain no longer has his thumb on the button. In fact he doesn’t even know where the button is! On top of that he is not on the bridge! Where is the image now of good old Winston? Who is leading the UK? Surely not his wife? Or his dog? Or did Jeremy Corbyn take over after all? Well, I had a dream, I dreamt seeing old Winston back at the helm. Yes, yes, yes, I know he liked a drink, yes I know he had faults, for all that he had his thumb on the button. He had a good wife. He had British interests engraved upon his heart. He lived for the Empire. You might think that Empire is a wrong word but the reality in those days now long gone were that the Empire was part of who we were. Frankly, without the Empire we would all be speaking German and living under the cosh of the Gestapo. So, Boris who was known to be belligerent amongst other things came to the front. Wonderful, here was another human being, looking a bit dishevelled but we all liked the flamboyant and decisive attitude. Where did it all go astray? He still looks dishevelled but no longer decisive. As a result there is infighting yet again in the hallowed halls of the rat kingdom in Westminster. As far as I know there is not a single Tory minister worthy of the name Prime Minister. Boris has simply slunk down once again in the back looking around bewildered at the things going on. The country the way I see it is a rudderless entity where every Tom, D*ck and Harry knows how we should live. Tom is a wokestaner, D*ck is a member of Momentum and Harry is in Los Angeles. God help us all.

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