Thursday, 9 September 2021

Woke Britain at its best!

Anyone who’s thinking this country is sane? First of all we have a PM who is convinced that 1.25% on NI is enough to solve the health and social care crisis. Then we have Churchill erased from our collective memories. Who is Churchill anyway I hear you ask? Well, dear reader only the man who kept his nerve during WW2 and in the end ensured our victory over the defeated Germans of the Nazi era. The world would have looked a lot different and possibly a lot poorer if it wasn’t for him. Shame on the wokists. But what do you expect? When you start listening AND acting on vociferous minorities then you are just lost. It needs a real rethink how we select managers or manageresses. And by saying that I am grammatically correct! Because friends, there IS a difference in men and women, only I am not sure exactly what. But Prince Andrew seems to know.

Talking about the NHS, I have said many times before it is a money black hole. No matter what you pour into it, it will never be enough. Besides all of that, if you put suddenly a few billions on the table the first thing that happens is a free for all increase in managerial salaries. This was proved last time. So, this time will be no different. Managerial salaries will be hiked up the ladder. Well done PM, you took note of the research and reports, I hope? Frankly, again as said before you definitely have lost the plot. Stop listening to advisers who have little idea about how the ordinary folk have to live their lives. Start making proper plans, get those lazy patriots called Civil Service back in the office seats and if you ask me, sack all of ‘m who won’t. That’s it for now, I am available as a down to earth, feet on the ground, adviser. Oh and cheap!

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