Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Where's the back-up plan? Ehhh....

Let me ask this friends because you might also begin to wonder – Is Westminster the new Comedy Central? Westminster meaning the scaffold tower and building next to it, The House of Commons. The jokers inside bellowing at each other gives that place the right moniker – the Abattoir. Any policy that is pushed through nowadays will suffer six U-Turns before it is dished. I quite like it because for the entertainment value. Let’s be fair the BBC’s programming is so bad nowadays with interviewers who are sent abroad and then start talking and asking questions unrelated to the work at hand. The poor Ms Kuenssberg who normally seems on the ball sort of missed a penalty in New York. Well, I suppose we all have off days. But altogether it shows a big problem, the government is floundering. It is quite clear that planning is an art long lost in the hallowed circles of the green leather seats. Surely this lack of drivers is not something that just cropped up? That has been a problem for years! If you go as we did, for getting out of an organisation, yes like Brexit; would it not be better then to have a plan for the possible problems? I know stop-gap government seems easy. Just go from calamity to calamity with a steely fist. Show that you have a grip on the problems. But it seems to be forgotten that with proper planning you would not even have to show a fist. The problem is as it has been for a long time now – politics in this country is a job, not a calling. We are governed by an elite, by people who think it is their right to govern because they went to the correct school and wear a special tie. Once we threw out most of the aristocrats but we simply changed one set of nit-wits for another. If you think we have a plan to combat global warming, forget it. There is no plan and furthermore no intention of having one. What will happen is that the government will support electric cars because that is the easiest option at present. Jobs are saved because cars are manufactured here. But no one thinks or even worries about the needed infrastructure. That is someone else’s problem. There seems to be a thought also that wind turbines are the answer, but is it? Really? Start thinking – if all cars are electric, lorries, buses, everything – will turbines be sufficient? Plenty of wind here I hear you say? Look at the data, because there is plenty of wind but only at times. At other times it is not. So, what’s the back-up plan? Ehhh, what back-up plan?

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