Monday, 20 September 2021

Planet in trouble? No, we are...

More and more reports are seen that show without any doubt that the planet is in trouble. Well, actually it is not the planet but what lives on it, and that includes us humans. Global warming is no longer in doubt, it is happening. Whether we will cope with it is another matter. Actually, I think from the reports that we have already overstepped the mark where going back was possible. The problem of CO2 is only part of the total. If you already have an enormous amount of it, even volcanic emissions will just increase the total and these will continue whether we like it or not. The warming of the seas and soil will only help to further emissions of methane, a gas worse than CO2. Human activity itself, for instance the increased deforestation of tropical forest has also increased the loss of soils which in turn contains nutrients for bacteria and algae providing poisonous blooms in the oceans. It is no wonder fish stocks already under threat of overfishing have further declined. The ‘holiday’ mentality of western populations has not helped either. Flying a single plane puts tons of CO2 in the air. You only have to look at ‘’ to see how many are in the air 24/7!

So, you will see that this planet is in trouble, for who will make the decisions? And moreover, what would these entail? All I am prepared to say is – it will not be easy. It might entail WW2 rationing, curtailing flights, abandoning the internal combustion engine. I just don’t envy those we have elected. Besides all of that their acumen in solving problems is pretty bad. 

In truth it is not, will not be easy. I have neighbours who don’t give a damn about anything. Lighting fires at night because they feel like boyscouts and are on a jamboree. Just look at the waste bins, overflowing. People with gardens ought to put all their food waste out and make compost out of it. I have had a compost bin for years, I have not thrown out any vegetable matter at all. My earthworms are the fattest in the world I think. So, I am certain that they will be the only survivors in the calamity to come before too long. But don’t tell ‘m they may end up as human food. Cheers!

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