Saturday, 4 September 2021

Kelvin is my man.... well, sometimes.

As you would imagi9ne I do receive many mails, do read many political comments, and I am getting more aggressive. No, not really. But some of you might remember a person who wrote editorials for the Sun and other papers as well, Kelvin McKenzie. I would have been proud to call him my neighbour. But he lives I think in Wokestan. Not that he is woke, no far from it. In his latest missive he says McCall has to go (from ITV) and Piers to be re-instated as lead of Good Morning Britain, the ITV morning newscast. I couldn't agree more. If we believe in free speech, then free speech it is. However, a modicum of restraint is necessary. We must remember if we say something nasty or things like that, please ensure it is based on truth and not hearsay or outright lies. As Kelvin reported the sayings of a US mother who had lost a dear son in the airport bombing in Kabul, something she had said after the news she received of her boy being killed ‘My son is gone and I just want all you Democrats who cheated in the election, or who voted for him legitimately, you just killed my son. With a dementia-ridden piece of crap who doesn’t even know if he’s in the White House’. Oh la la, that’s saying what you think! Well, I understand the feelings of a mother hearing that news and yes, she was bound to harshly criticise those who she thinks are responsible. But war is war and people will die, sometimes unjustly. Perhaps it didn’t help if she also was a fervent supporter of the previous president. If you live in a nation that thinks it is the saviour of the world albeit a saviour with a rifle in one arm and a cannon in the back-pocket, then I am sorry but you will have to abide by the political endeavours of the government you elected! Elected by the majority and if you do not agree with that, try next time to have the majority on your side! In the meantime I say, that’s how democracy works. If you do not like that, and the same goes for all the woke idiots living in Britain, then pack your bags and move to Russia or China. Bye for now!

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