Friday, 17 September 2021

Hurrah, things are changing...or are they?

Looking at the latest political machinations, eg the reshuffle, we might think that things are changing for the good? Nadine is going to take the woke society to task? I like the sound of that. Then also we have Priti’s insistence on taking on the lazy French. Not paying a penny until they do something about the inflatables trying to cross the Channel. All these problems, if I may call them that, are of our own making. Our lax attitude, our weak political will. To top it, we are governed not by the elected government but by a woke Civil Service. Time to give them a bath. 

But it shows in a distasteful way the situation we face today. It sounds good doesn’t it when someone says ‘We protest against global warming’ and then just does the things that furthers global warming. It sounds good when someone says ‘ I have just thrown a statue of that horrible racist goon in the water’. The facts of how societies were in the past escapes them because they failed their GCSEs, in particular history. I am not condoning racism but what we have ended up with is just the opposite. We now have coloured people throwing their weight around. ‘You can’t touch me, because I will call you a racist’. Talk to Piers Morgan how he feels about that. Talk to Emma Raducanu how she feels about being called an immigrant and should not be really in Britain. It escaped their dim braincells that she is a top athlete winning one of tennis' top prizes. Something the woke lefties will never attain. BLM is another anachronism. The fact that ALL lives matter just escapes these dumb grasshoppers. I think we will have to take a hard look at what we want. At how we want to live. How we ALL want to live. It is political because there are many many different views but somehow or other we will have to come to a consensus and soon!

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