Saturday, 11 September 2021

Having a backbone like steel? Then face up to responsibilities...

We probably all know by now that the prince named Andrew has a problem. According to the news on the BBC he has now been served with the necessary legal papers. What many people including myself don’t understand is this, he has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. He barely knew the lady in question. So, why not then stand up in court and officially fight the accusations? Yes, he is a member of the royal family but he is also a member of the human race. A man like half of the world’s population. One would have thought that a past member of the Navy had more of a backbone. He was under fire from Argentinian forces, not many can claim that! So courage was not in short supply! Why then walk away from these sordid claims? Face up to it because the way this is handled now just makes him show guilty. All men will understand that if you are free, not married, roaming the world, you will meet ladies. Some wild ones, some loving ones, some hard nuts, and some soft nuts. It’s the natural way. You might, if your luck is in that day, even have sex! So, look, face up to the sleazy accusations, yes you met her, photographs seem to say so. Well, OK so what, get a good lawyer. It’s all because they think you’ve got money and status. Don’t lose it.

In the meantime the royal family is under pressure. The 60’ and 70’s consignment haven’t done so well, have they? Plenty of divorces, kicking against the establishment. It seemed they just did not want the exalted position. They wanted to roam the streets of Soho, the fleshpots of Cardiff and that’s just for starters. Although they did want the exalted position but not what it entailed. That’s where it all went wrong. To be a prince or princess takes courage, a steel backbone, and a head of hair like a lion’s mane. I just know this, I am so lucky I am not a prince!

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