Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Found him, talking about social care ....

So, the increase in NI contributions (NI – National Insurance) is virtually agreed. 1.25%. We should not be surprised, I have said sometime ago on this blog ‘Who do you think is going to pay for it all?’ Remember the government has no money of itself. The only thing it could possibly do is print more money and fuel a huge inflation increase. The other things such as increasing VAT would hit businesses and increasing Income tax would also hit the lower paid. I have heard it said before, increasing NI would be the least problematic. Yet this government is still struggling despite the cheering smiles and the lovely words. It is quite observable that actions are in pretty short supply. We hear encouraging words like ‘We are going to press the French to become more assertive’ Eh? The French becoming assertive? Forget it, the boats will still be coming, they are now crossing the Channel at a thousand a day! And Boris’ words about families not having to pay destructive sums for care to the elderly will also sound somewhat hollow. Care costs a fantastic amount, £100,000 per annum seems to be the norm. Even the NI increase will not pay for that, simply because this nation is having to cope with more and more older people. It is said that soon there are more on a pension than are working. So, finally something has to be done. Whether Boris was up to it or not, the pressure just became too much. In any case we have done it and whatever is going to follow it, we will have to deal with it as and when. 

To my mind this free NHS stuff sounds great but in other lands people do pay. One of the problems that comes with free stuff, it becomes a magnet. Yes, also for rich people. Rich people are rich because one way or another they care about money and giving it out. Poor people just keep on complaining about not having had the same chances. Well, that may be but I know of some rich people who were poor not that long ago. How did they get out of the trap? I know, I don’t know what I’m talking about, just being a middle-classer. 

Edit 8/9/21 - Now we know a bit more. As suspected it is an increase in NI. But as per the usual the thing is not quite as it seems. You would have thought that the amount of £86,000 and that's all you would have to pay is it. No, apparently it isn't. The food and accommodation is not in that. That could be another whopping amount on top. So, perhaps another £20,000. Just so you know it and that £20,000 could be an annual charge! No-one says anything in government. What did I say about management? Talk about fuzzyness!

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