Friday, 24 September 2021

Anyone for a spot of queing?

Hang on a minute before I write more I must get some diesel for my car. The station is not far away and the cars are queing up already. Do I hear you ask, why? Oh reader it is simple really. Two things, firstly woeful planning by the government, that could be national or the Welsh Assembly and secondly as soon as people hear of shortages they immediately rush to whatever is short and make it even less. So, the media, newspapers and particularly the BBC are good at stoking this frenzy by their continual silly reports about drivers not being there or sheltering at home because they had some stupid message that they were in contact with someone who was positive for Covid. I think there is need for anyone who is in government or who wants to stand for election to have a course in ‘The Repercussions of Decisionmaking’. That is to say ensuring you will be aware of making a decision what the possible ramifications will be, then act accordingly. What we see today is just the opposite, they make a flurry of decisions which in most circumstances are turned around, the so-called U-Turn syndrome. That shows without any doubt that no-one in government has any clue what the REAL problems are. 

We have what is known as ‘Stopgap government’. You stop a gap and one hundred others open up as a result. It is a typical British disease. But it is now exported across the world. Biden, when he is awake, can make some blunders as we have already seen. Only the Russians are good at planning, look how NATO is floundering. The Chinese are too busy making islands in the Pacific as we will be building nuclear subs for the Aussies. That’s why the Chinese are building these islands so any sub, nuclear or not, will bank itself. Nice bulwarks, forward planning at its best. Anyway, you can see where all this is going. The British government will now allow immigrants to cross the Channel in a dinghy as long as they have a HGV licence and are either a doctor or a nurse. No need to have been jabbed against Covid. We will put them up for ten days in a top hotel with free gourmet food and accommodation. Yes, this is Britain in 2021. As woke as you can be!

Edit - Can anyone tell the BBC to tone it down with the warnings about the end of the world? Their report this morning sparked off the worst traffic jam I have seen in our area. The Rhondda came to a virtual standstill! It wasn't helped by the Tesco station running out. Our governments ought to have a hard look at itself, how they govern. Blimey, the African chimps do a better job.

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