Thursday, 30 September 2021

Another Public Enquiry, everyone? Why not, it's fun.... (for some).

There is something strange that happens in Britain, it is called a Public Enquiry. Not sure if it happens in other countries. These enquiries tend to happen after bad things, like a very nasty killing. Something that recently happened when a rogue policeman killed a girl walking by. Or we have an enquiry into actions or non-actions by police or claiming of expenses by MPs. Things like that tend to attract a Public Enquiry. There will be a Chairperson, a number of officials appointed and there will be tons of paperwork. People will be interviewed and after a zillion years a report will be published. Everybody that took part has already gone to heaven and no-one alive will quite recall what the enquiry was all about. The report will have just two lines. ‘It was a terrible thing and must never be allowed to happen again’. Plus ‘LESSONS WILL BE LEARNED’ or ‘HAVE BEEN LEARNED’. The same every time.

Great words, everybody please applaud! The truth of the matter is these public enquiries are totally useless because they are a waste of money. The fees paid are ridiculous and furthermore lessons are obviously NOT learned as these things keep happening. These enquiries are just something to keep us mud-walkers quiet. Believing the authorities have our well-being close to their hearts. Let me be scrupulously honest, I have never believed the authorities have our best at heart, far from it. We are just no more than cash-cows. Having said that, it is the way it is and always has been. Have no illusions about it. These days are no different than Victorian times or the Middle Ages. We are still ruled by an elite although not so much in the aristocratic way. Some of us might be better off but in this country we still have over a million unemployed, in fact some 20% of the population is economically inactive. The lives of a lot of people are not so rosy. They may not particularly starve as in previous eras but it is far from comfortable. Indeed, time to ditch the Public Enquiry because it is no more than a junket for the well-to-do and doesn’t solve the problem.

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