Saturday, 25 September 2021

And a bit more queing!

The bit of understanding I had about the collective mindset of the human being has again either disappeared or severely dented. If the various governments of the world do not take heed of how easy it is to panic every Tom, D*ck and Harry, just look at the pandemonium about the so-called shortage of petrol. Forgive me for saying this but is it not our own fault? There was no shortage at all bar a few hiccups of supplies. We get then these BBC nitwits starting to report, and not just the BBC, all stations are at fault. Talking about shortages of petrol, diesel all thanks to no deliveries due to no drivers. Result? Our wonderful British population goes en-masse to the pumps, literally bleeding them dry within a few hours. My local filling station had a delivery yesterday morning and you know what, motorists would NOT let the poor guy out of the forecourt! They completely jammed the road from both directions! It took two hours for the driver to get out and you know what he said? ‘There is no way I come back here!’ So, Boris better take this lesson seriously because if the chickens are NOT coming home this Christmas he will be ‘clucking up’ his cards fast. Bye bye Boris, let that virago get her wish ‘Hurrah, Scotland the Brave and independent’, Wales to follow, three republics on the same island and possibly pending the outcome of Andrew’s problems, a fourth republic to follow. It is time for those fat bottomed, fat-livered, brain-dead, half-wits in London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh to have a hard look at all of this and for once put the brain in gear, start the process of how this all has occurred and why, then take the CORRECT measures. No U-Turns, no gerrymandering, no prevarications. Remember we also have a world-wide situation, one of which most politicians haven’t an idea about. But they should remember that most happenings today are inter-related. All seem to point to the changing weather patterns, most likely due to human activity. So there you have it politicos, get going!

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