Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Where did it all go wrong Greensill?

Sometime ago, way before Brexit even started I said that David Cameron, then the Prime Minister was one of the worst we have had. He was of the kind that did not mind the foggy type of politics. Remember the “ I have changed the EU” bit? Then he followed this up with the national referendum because he was convinced the nation was with him. You could ask whether he was deluded or who his advisers were? And so he left in some disgrace. Today we can see, read and hear about his poor judgement. It is the Greensill effect. In short, after he left government he allegedly started working for a friend at an investment bank. It seems they needed billions of investment, presumably from rich individuals who apparently trust any politician, even past prime ministers. So, Mr Cameron was seemingly appointed as someone responsible for lobbying the new government, its ministers and other important political nutters. All with the intention of acquiring government support and money as grants or similar. Obviously his so-called friend thought Mr Cameron the bees-knees, who else had a previous prime minister as a lackey? Quite naturally, as all politicians do and say, is that everything was jolly and completely above board. Yet let’s look at the above board bit – Mr Cameron was working for an investment bank, he did contact government, letters and emails have been seen. In truth they show exactly what the purpose of them was. Then suddenly the bank went belly-up. Gone, bye bye, see you later alligator, not in a while crocodile. Billions gone as well. Where? Good question, paid for the next Mars shot perhaps? An investment opportunity with Mr Trump? Or Mr Cameron has organised two billion Covid-19 vaccines at cost price for the Antarctic Eskimos. Well, the case rumbles on but the stink precedes it, there are quite a few angry people I’m sure. If I was Mr Cameron I would emigrate fast, one of the Greek islands perhaps? As I said before, he was a so-so PM and as it turns out his judgements in private life are of the same quality.

Note: For the educated British people - There are NO Antarctic Eskimos. Eskimos live today in Moscow and help Vlad the Impaler obtain ice cubes for his 100 proof Vodka.

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