Saturday, 7 August 2021

Trolling is fun, or is it?

Are you fed up yet? Have you had enough of it all? Want to go on a holiday in the sun but you have been pinged? Ha, ha, join the world of the intelligent doom mongers called Ferguson, Cummings or whatever. Look people, Covid is a disease. Like flu is a disease. What do we do with that? Simple, we make antibodies fast. But that will only work well if we are healthy in the first place. You want to be a smoker? Your BMI is over 30? Sorry, you do not make the grade. In any case diseases like Covid have no objection to attacking anyone, healthy or not.

Well, talk like this do not make a person better. It sounds like I am wanting to be a troll. At least the beginning of a troll. Did it make me feel powerful? Maybe a little, sitting on my own behind a computer because no-one is watching me? I can say what I want. But is that really true? Yes in a way, precisely because no-one is watching me. But would I be courageous enough to say these things out in the open? To someone’s face? Actually, for myself I have done so but always much more measured and careful. After all I am a member of a national political party. The facts are that trolls have lost their sense of reality, their perception of the world. They live in a world of make-believe, a world that has materialised in their heads, their brains. It may well be that in the past they were bullied. 

When I was much younger I was bullied. Until one day in the middle of a class room I stood up, faced the culprit and smacked him a full one on the jaw. Did the male teacher throw me out? No, he said ‘That was a good upper-cut’ and stood me in the corner for the remainder of the lesson. Problem was that for the next two weeks I had to have a cast on my wrist for I had chipped a bone. Do I advocate this way to deal with bullies? Well, yes for me it worked, it might not for others. In the end you would have to look how people, and yes kids as well, behave. Life is actually a violent affair. It seems an inborn trait to dismiss weaker individuals, it is a survival instinct. Weaker beings slow down the tribe. Make it weaker and susceptible to annihilation. No smudge of civilisation veneer hides it. We can control it, and to control it we need to understand it. The weaker ones today have the computer and that is the uppercut they now use. So, I would say go out, and hit a wall somewhere or join a boxing club. Moreover, stop believing you do matter. You do not.

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