Friday, 13 August 2021

The News... is is bad or is it good. Whatever...

You know I look at the ‘News’ as I get up. Not sure why I do that because it is hardly uplifting is it? Fortunately there are good bits such as the fight against Covid-19 and the government’s handling of that issue despite some unfortunate U-turns and fuzzy thinking. But then we hear loads on what’s happening on the ice-shelf in Antarctica where another massive iceberg is calving off soon. Then the shooting of a number of people in Plymouth. It brings me to think that the mental pressures on some people are bringing them to a breaking point. You can see it even here in my Welsh backwater, people walking along suddenly erupting in some sort of slanging match, even hitting each other. Fortunately it is still a rare occasion. Watching the News also showed the situation in Afghanistan. 

Friends, what a mess that is. We went into that unfortunate country, flags flying, the Union Jack blazooned on everything we brought and we helped the government there to stabilise the country. Although stabilising was not for the 100% as there has been some sort of war there ever since the planet was formed. Why does Britain think to be a lackey of the US? It is a bit like Batman and Robin. Batman “Hey Robin, let’s go and get these nasty Eurabs and show them a bit of civilisation”. Robin “ Sure Batman, just loving your tights”. I have to say though that Biden is correct in saying that we cannot indefinitely be the policeman on the block. The Afghan people themselves will have to decide how they want to live. If that means to fight for their freedom, then so be it. How many nations have been in there? The Indians long ago, Britain twice, Russia, the US. But this withdrawal now will have repercussions. The poppies will grow again, heroin will flood Europe once more. The nasty people of the world are rubbing their hands. Just hoping that all of Europe and that still includes us here, have plans to deal with the thousands on the move soon. Boris, I’m just saying.... start thinking.

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