Friday, 13 August 2021

Someone is thinking correctly...not here but in Holland.

Someone in the Netherlands seems to have been thinking about the world situation. I take my hat off because he/she was spot on. 

I translate – The problems that are reported, fires, droughts, floods in other words global warming are not problems that people are worrying about. The way most governments seem to deal with the crises, is "what crises"? The lobbyists of the energy sector, that is coal, oil and gas are still pretty powerful pressures. I am sure the Arab states will want to continue with pumping oil as long as possible. Look at how the holiday sector and the airlines are putting pressure on the government. You might want to think how our leaders, good or bad, can withstand that. Besides mentioning the present problems the writer also mentioned the follow-up problems. Heat waves of up to 50 Celsius becoming common in the Med. In our areas we will see 40 Celsius soon. It means the harvests are gone. So, get yourselves ready for queues miles long for bread, potatoes and more. Next problem, the disappearing insects. These are the basis on which most life depends. Already I have not seen the usual swallows in the Rhondda skies. Bar a few stragglers. But despite all of that people do not worry unless their own lives are in danger. People do not want to change their usual behaviour. You note this in the rush for foreign holidays. The writer even suggested that when family members were ill with Corona, others would not even change their behaviour, their modes of life. As a result and I do agree with the writer, our civilisation is doomed. It cannot continue simply because nature is and already has, changed. We are dependent on nature for all our food, all our living spaces, our air, our water. If it becomes short in supply or not even there, I leave it to you to think about how you would personally carry on. I would suggest, get some insurance and start digging the garden!

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