Friday, 27 August 2021

Some thoughts about politics today...

The incompetence of our politicians is to say, quite remarkable. Take the Afghan situation where the US president without any thought whatsoever decides to withdraw from that country. Never mind the lives already lost with this escapade but also, as we have seen today, the lives lost in suicide bombings. Never mind leaving the way wide open for increased terrorist activities. In one way most of us would agree with Biden’s statements about that some wars just cannot be won and therefore it is time to call it a day. It is the manner in how ‘calling it a day’ is carried out. In the meantime we will just have to call back as many persons as possible. After the so-called deadline I am afraid the door will be closed. The US administration probably is as isolationist as they were before WW2. The problem with the US is they are only ruled by money. Look what they did to the UK during the beginnings of WW2. We had to pay or die. So, we paid until the Eighties. On top of that most of the western nations who had colonies, UK, Holland, Belgium, were forced to get out, through the policies of the US. Probably not a bad idea in principle but the speed of it left these colonies in the hands of extreme politicians, something that is still felt today! 
It is time that our politicians get a reality shower, the world after Covid has altered immeasurably. More and more people distrust the ramblings and activities of the political clique. Ordinary people know the situation pretty well but do not want their live-styles altered. So instead of having politicians who play along, we need politicians who look to the future but not through rose-tinted spectacles.Kowtowing and placating other countries does not work as was clearly shown before WW2. For instance if we value the ‘Special Relationship’ with the US, we need to clearly tell them that it works two ways! If the US ignores that, as seemingly is the case then the UK should just forget about it and although no longer a member of the EU make overtures to France and Germany and others. The focus of power has shifted, it has moved to Asia.

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