Saturday, 28 August 2021

Political drivel, what! Again? Really....

Surely, everyone now hearing the latest statement from Mr Biden will feel very safe and re-assured! Yes, according to BBC Ceefax News Mr Biden (for your information President of the USA) has declared unstinting support for those left in Afghanistan. Also and probably more interesting is the declaration that he would ‘Take appropriate measures’ if diplomacy with Iran fails’. This is about the continuing drive for atomic weapons by Iran. Another sound bite went a bit like this- ‘We will not forgive, we will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay, blah di blah di blah blah’. The words ‘incompetent, old geezer’ spring to mind. So, the US would not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons? We’ll see. It is just another ‘sound-bite’ by the American president, something all politicians seem to love doing. The problem is, it stays at that. Action is not intended, it just makes the politicians look good and that they have their pulse on the problems of the world. Yeah, yeah, and we are in the worst scenario as far as the world is concerned. Do I highlight it? Climate warming, Europe incl the UK has had the warmest year so far recorded. Deaths in Germany from flooding. The polar icecaps melting as fast as they can, millions of tonnes lost every year (and that is an understatement). Rising sea levels threatening the low islands and atolls in the Pacific as well as all coastlines due to erosion. This is just for starters but bad enough already. UK politicians chortle on and on about supporting Afghans left behind but the reality is we cannot do a thing or at least very very little. Surely what we need is a strong look at the situations we face, cut the cr*p and start taking appropriate measures. You and me won’t like it, because our lifestyles will have to change. Travel will have to be curtailed. We need in this country a very hard look at how we want our environment to be. Stop listening to pressure groups, these are not elected people and only look after their own interests and not the general interest. So, Boris and Co, start thinking straight. If you think you are like good o’ Winston, well think again, you’re not yet. If you want to be, start talking hard sense and knock heads together.

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