Thursday, 12 August 2021

I have been a racist because I had a curry? Noooh, really?..

Ah by Jove, they have got woke idiots in America as well. Blimey, can it get any worse? I promise this has legs, in other words we haven’t heard the last of it yet. Now some clever so and so, has decided that the word ‘Curry’ is racist! Cor blimey. Friends, please let us all do ourselves a favour and do not report it any more. Let these half-wits steam in their own curry! As was said why bother and so what if these words, names of food are not English, British, Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish, Dutch or whatever else. Curry to me is one of those great foods I like. I don’t want it to be called Indian goo. Is it not time to stop reporting hat rubbish? We need to change the use of the Internet. For a start what is absolutely necessary that before you join you need to show who you are. I know that might be difficult because you could use Internet cafes but the system does need changing. I think something like the Yubi key system need employing. These are personal and can be carried around! But before getting to the Internet you will have to insert the key into a USB2 (or 3) slot and away you go. You are identified. The key has a code that will be known by all those companies you have registered with. I am sorry but to make it safer we must adopt something like that, so let's make it compulsory. Just indicate which organisation or company you want to reach. Say like Google. Put in your password, this does not have to be 100 characters long because even with your password being stolen the culprit has no key. Next you are asked to insert your Yubi (or similar) key and Bob’s your uncle. That’s all. But you have yourself identified and that’s enough. It’s one way to beat the Chinese, the Russians and about everyone else. We just need to change this free-for-all. And also we need to educate ourselves better ho0w to use the Internet. If you are too old to understand then ask for help from a proper organisation. Or family if they can be bothered!

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