Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Hydrogen the bee's knees? Hmmm...

WE all should stand up and rejoice! The politicians have made decisions! I read the BBC News report (formerly known as Ceefax) stating that hydrogen power will be the kick start to a net zero carbon economy. But and as I keep saying, there is always a but. I am not a chemical engineer but I do know from my school days that when you burn something there will be ALWAYS a residue. So what about hydrogen? From a chemical report: Here’s an energy quiz.
Question: Do you think this statement is true? “Unlike fossil fuels, which emit planet-warming carbon dioxide when they’re burned, hydrogen mostly produces water”. 

Answer: false

Furthermore the gas and the utility industries in the US and now also in the UK have decided that combustion is how they want to use hydrogen – even if it is renewable created with solar and wind. They want to take that renewable derived “green hydrogen” and burn it, like we have burned oil and gas and coal for centuries. Contrary to the reporting, this new combustible alchemy is anything but emissions free. (from the Chemical Engineer).

H2 Combustion and NOx – The New Air Pollution Threat. What happens when H2 is combusted? Burning H2 does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. That is good news for the climate. However, hydrogen combustion produces other air emissions. The bad news is that H2 combustion can produce dangerously high levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx). Two European studies have found that burning hydrogen-enriched natural gas in an industrial setting can lead to NOx emissions up to six times that of methane (the most common element in natural gas mixes). Conventional hydrogen production using natural gas induces significant environmental impacts; as with the use of any hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide is emitted. From the Chemical Engineer).

These type of reports show that although emissions of heat retaining gases are reduced, pollution has not been reduced. Instead of emitting CO2 we now see increased levels of Nox (Nox-Nitrogen Oxide). This gas is just as damaging to health and the planet if not more so!

Again and again we see reports like that on Ceefax or the national news channels that purport to give a rosy view of a new clean world. Friends, as long as there are humans on this planet it will never be clean. We are not likely to go back to a forest existence, foraging for leaves and berries and starve in winter. I had to go to our local waste and refuse centre and took the scenic route, the amount of detritus alongside the road was something to be believed! People have a nice McDonalds and just throw the packaging and left overs out of the window going home. WHY? Only the Lord knows because I haven’t a clue! It is as I and others have said many times – humans are the scourge on this planet, especially the western world humans, Europe, North America and parts of India and China. We are drowning in rubbish and being poisoned whilst going on holiday! All in the name of ‘Civilised living’.

So, thanks to the usual governmental FAST thinking process we are just likely to exchange one poisonous method for another. Thank you, over and out.

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