Friday, 20 August 2021

From woke to worse, to Raab... yeah I know...

Have you ever thought that this world is absolutely great? Sunny, warm, plenty of rain and the people are great? Yeah, I think like that from time to time. It makes me happy to dream. But in this country officialdom is absolutely not of the calibre you need for being a great country. A country that once lead the world. Unfortunately now today we are blighted by idiots who have power. Idiots like the management of some God forsaken theatre that shows some works of the great Shakespeare. But now those plays, like Romeo and Juliet come with warnings. Hahaha, would you believe it! Before sitting down you need to see a ‘shrink’ to see if you are mentally capable to watch a play with words like ‘I kill you’, ‘blood curdling’, ‘I don’t want to live without you’ amongst others. I hope that the local hospital will employ an army of psychiatrists. For the stronger of mind the card issued with a phone number is for if you need emotional support afterwards. I think I need emotional support just because I think ‘Why are all these idiots not going to h*ll? Like the prophets of old I am praying – God, why have you forsaken this world? The answer though is ‘I have not forsaken you – I want you to get up, stand up and start showing the idiots where to go’, it’s your world, your responsibility’. Simple? Yes it ought to be but it is not because the great silent majority is – yes you got it, silent. Like myself although I write this missive, I read newspapers, watch the BBC news (another newly WOKE organisation) talk to friends and just shake my head in disbelief. I attend a local church, an Anglican parish, there some great people there but mostly over 70! The question of where are the youngsters keeps cropping up. I did say and have done so for nigh on five years, we need to change the format. Less formal stuff, not doing the same thing every single week. Get some music in. Not just an organ. A band. Ditch the rows of chairs and put in some corner seating with a table. Get a coffee machine in. But the people just stare at you like it was thundering and I was hit by a lightning bolt.

So, today I am just saying, you deserve what you will get by your own actions. Just ask Dominic Raab what he will get. Going on holiday and not returning during the worst humanitarian disaster? Good work Dominic! I like it, just show what the new Brit man is like!

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