Thursday, 12 August 2021

From Royalty to how are we going to charge our cars?

What are the chances of the good ol’ UK becoming a republic? Or worse, just falling apart in three or four separate nations? Separate, meaning they would not be aligned in a federation? Interesting question, no? Well, look at the top family holding us together, although not very well if I may say. When the Queen has to go as we all have to at the end of our lives, then I think the choices are pretty grim. Prince Charles, an OK chap of course but his private life was a bit of a mess, from which he may or may not recover. I leave Prince Andrew because he now faces an American court before long. As far as I can see he is already doomed. Then the so-so chap Harry, bit of alright him but his wife is something else. American, what can I say? Yes, the Royal family has a hard time of it, so thanks for William and his family. They by far are the ones who can save the nation! Welcome King William V.

Besides all of that, interesting as it may be there are bigger problems to talk about. The continual drivel emanating from Westminster, yes you got it, the government! They just cannot get their heads around the problem of global warming and what to do about it.

Some of the ideas emanating from these hallowed rat-infested buildings are to be believed to come from professorial people. My ar*e, they come from half-wits employed as government ministerial aides, the Civil Service in other words. Ideas like heat pumps, things no-one can afford and they only work in temperate climates of between 18-20 degrees Centigrade. In winter it just switches off. Then we have ideas about the wonders of hydrogen, the most flammable gas of all time, just look at the German Hindeburg dirigible! But American research says that the gas when being burned emits methane, a gas even worse than carbon dioxide for warming up the atmosphere. Then we hear we will go all-electric. Yes, good idea but where is all that electricity coming from? We will build more turbines, yes all over, everywhere. We will dam all our rivers, every house shall have a windmill in the garden. We will charge our cars from our homes. Cables all over the pavements and court cases for compensation of broken arms, legs, heads from people falling over them. Friends, take it from me, our government has just not got one idea how about to solve the problem. Frankly no other government in the world has either.

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