Wednesday, 18 August 2021

American heroes? Well, I eh.....

What did I tell you about Americans? Especially American politicians? Blimey, I am not always right but what can I say? Afghans were simply left to their own devices. No argument, just we’re going, and we’re going now. Not tomorrow or next week, no NOW. As a result some twenty years of promises, blood, death are all counting for nothing. You may ask what has been the point of all that? Yes, you may ask but the answer is there for all to see. America has lost its badge. The badge of ‘Fearless protector’. It was always a sham as the only reason Americans are worldwide is money. You may think good ‘ol Britain ransacked its empire for cheap goodies but at least we tried to install a modicum of proper government. It did not always work out well. Americans are just after the money. Well, what is likely to happen now? Back to the past? The Taliban are still the Taliban. Changed their views? No man, no way! Woman are going back to the kitchen, heavily veiled without any education whatsoever. The Taliban are basically a drawback to the early Middle Ages. In a way I understand it. It is the age-old man vs woman game. Looking at it from a UK perspective you notice that men have become weaker in attitude and are starting to apply night creams and wear thongs. Interesting, it’s the new western man. The Taliban are seeing this and woe and behold are now in the process of trying to conquer. Looking at it from a nature point, men are supposed to be the providers and protectors. Obviously, if men are too busy applying make-up then funny things can happen behind your back! I personally think that the residual hormones in our drinking water – because of the Pill women take and oestrogens are deposited in the resultant effluent. Meaning as we have heard a few times – Londoners drink water that has been drunk seven times already! So, I have been watching avidly if my breast is showing something? Or I’m losing my body hair. Just saying. So, yes, back to the Americans. Are they losing their mojo? Too much oestrogen? Only the future will tell. Let’s hope I am wrong but I’m afraid the signs are not too good!

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