Sunday, 8 August 2021

A dirty smelly exposition of failure....

Sometimes you might read a sad exposition of human life on TV. I read the BBC Text service daily, some of it is drivel but nevertheless you can pick up news that has happened recently.

And so it was revealed that swimmers in Wales should be extremely careful to swim in the Welsh rivers. Why? Well, the short report stated that during the pandemic raw sewage was dumped 100,000 times into the water courses! For nearly a million hours of time. But of course politicians burble on about these things in a calm but apologetic manner. You know the kind – “Father tells you it’s alright baby, don’t you worry your little head about it now”, whilst smoking a fat cigar and quaffing a glass of Bollinger champagne. And so the Welsh Labour government stated that 46% of the rivers were good. Good? Not excellent? Fish swimming in them? NO? Well, what were those brown things then? Oh, not brown trout. Friends, 46% is less than half! It is a terrible assertion of failure!

As a matter of fact I live close to a medium sized river, it runs next to our garden. From time to time I do see toilet paper rushing by and when it rains heavily the road run-off needs to be smelled! Also there is somewhere in town where sewage overflow occurs. I have walked along the river bank and know where there are outlets into the river, presumably from homes that let sewage flow into the watercourse. Yes, I know this is 2021 but in some places in Wales we appear to be still living in Victorian times. Friends be careful when you walk down the Rhondda streets the contents of a chamberpot could land on your head! You have been warned!

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