Thursday, 5 August 2021

A damning view....

It is rather incredible that loads of people have no idea at all about what climate change really means. What we see and hear or read is about half-baked ideas, mostly by politicians, which are then discussed briefly before a U-turn is performed. If I were the Cabinet in Westminster I would start to listen very hard to the qualified scientists who have been mentioning this problem for years! I do not think the politicians or rather the government has an enviable task! Because we are nearly 70 million strong in the UK and probably that means 70 million different opinions. Ah, of course we may discount youngsters. The data displayed in Wikipedia says that ages 0-15yrs represent nearly 20% (actual 18.9%) but we might have to increase because of immigrant children. So, 20% of 68million – 13.6million.. Therefore we can argue some 55million adults should be considered to have an opinion. That’s probably not quite true of course, because even for myself I know quite a few number of people who have no opinion about anything. Let’s arguably say that 25% can be discounted as well, leaving 55million-13million, 42million articulate people. The question then is how many are concerned about climate change? Well, I suspect the number is continually changing as more and more get to hear about it AND see the effects of that in parts of the world. Let’s make no bones about it, the climate IS changing and fast! More and more people are being affected, floods, heat waves, with consequential effects on agriculture and extinction of species. AS there should be no doubt that this problem is of human origin, we are the only species that can possibly do something about it. 

But as the doing something about it will affect loads of people, you will see the problem we have. Work will be affected, car driving, taking foreign holidays, living space, in real terms most of our daily lives will have to change. We will have to get used to less! These are the things that politicians will have to deal with. To hear that loads of MPs of all parties are backtracking on certain parts of plans like banning the sale of petrol/diesel cars by 2030 is criminal. In fact these cars should be banned today! But as I recognise, that too is not easy to do, in fact impossible without wrecking the economy. Nevertheless we must, it is imperative, do something. So, let’s begin. I am happy to learn that primary schools as well as higher are talking about climate and global warming in quite some detail. So those who will come into the mainstream will be the movers. It is sad to say that my generation have been abject failures. Moreover will go down in history as the biggest wasters of all time!

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